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7 Lucrative Part Time Internet Jobs From Home in 2022

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Everyday, we seat back and listen to people talk about a thousand and one ways to make money online and the best part time internet jobs people should venture into. The big question is how many of these ways are legal, legit, profitable and realistic? The cost of living and surviving is increasing in every part of the world. Young people want to leverage on the internet to avoid the stigma of unemployment and the problem of poverty that follows it.

Apparently, a good number of us would love to be gainfully engaged and useful ourselves. Whether we like it or not, the truth is we cannot earn money online without the right knowledge. Obviously, knowledge is what separates the rich from the poor in today’s world. A good number of us would have been super-rich if we had the right information and the courage to ruthlessly implement it.

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In this article, we want to show you four legit and working ways you can make money online. You may have had about them before, but you need to understand how each of them work. When you are done reading this article, I expect you to ruthlessly apply what you have learnt, and trust me, you will make good money in less than 12 months.

Best Part Time Internet Jobs From Home in 2022

Lucrative Part Time Internet Jobs

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1. Freelancing

Some of you may have heard about freelancing and probably, you have tried earning money from it in the past. Freelancing goes beyond getting hired to write and achieving goals of writing five thousand words everyday. The game has changed long ago, and there certain things people now consider before hiring freelancers. Ranging from established websites, to business who want online presence, and small blogs, everyone now desires to have a competent SEO informed freelancer. So, being aware of trends and social media sensations is no longer enough for freelancers. You must have the following SEO skills.

1. Keyword research

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2. Keyword analysis

3. On page SEO and optimization.

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4. Backlinking (if need be)

Not all platforms build their tents around SEO, yet as a freelancer, it becomes a plus to you if you know how to optimize articles to rank well on search engines. This will increase your chances of getting hired amongst your equals. So, before applying for that freelancing job again, go and learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To start a free training on SEO click here to join AdaptsNews Telegram Channel.

2. Blogging

Sadly, a lot of persons who have interest in earning money online believe that blogging is dead. I don’t even know who told them that. You hear pigin english phrases like “omo blogging don cast”. I wonder how people came to such conclusions.

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I am a blogger, and I have seen a lot of professional bloggers earn a fortune for themselves from blogging. The good thing is that your blogging platform gets better with time, consistency and hardwork. When you hear blogging, I want you to see a wide world of endless possibilities. All you need is the right guide and mentorship to kick-start. Blogging is not difficult. As long as you can write, and you combine it with SEO and paid traffic (social media traffic), you will definitely make good money from blogging.

Fortunately, SayingBook is organizing a paid masterclass for people who want to take-up a career in blogging. This class is scheduled to kick-off on the 5th of February. You are all invited provided you want to understand how blogging works and how to make money from it.

We also have special free classes for people who want to learn cryptocurrencies and how to buy and trade on different Crypto exchangers.

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So, SayingBook is hosting three special classes.

★ FREE class For freelancers who want to learn SEO. Click here to join for free.

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★ FREE class for cryptocurrency enthusiast. Click here to join for free.

★ PAID class for people who want to learn blogging from the scratch.

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The class for bloggers is a paid class which would cost you 5,000 naira. If you are interested, message admin on WhatsApp using this phone number: +2347088483483

Take advantage of these opportunities now, it won’t be on the table for long. All classes will start on 5th February, 2022.

3. Vlogging

You may not know this, but YouTube is taking over the internet. From movies, to song streams, tech and any single thing you can think of learning is available on YouTube. This includes how to cook several delicious meals of your taste. So whatever your passion is, you can leverage on YouTube to monetize it and make money for yourself.

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Don’t say you cannot do it. AdaptsNews is here to assist you, make you do it well and earn cool cash for yourself.

The following includes the things you need to start a YouTube channel.

★ A good laptop or at least a smartphone with 3G Ram and 32G Rom. This is because you need enough memory for your videos.

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★ Video making/editing skills.

★ Enough money for data subscription (you can even use night bundle if you don’t have enough money).

★ A benchmark of 1,000 subscriptions and 4,000 watch time to monetize your YouTube channel.

4. Online Affiliate Marketing Combined with blogging.

Affiliate Marketing is not only limited to offline activities. When people here affiliate marketing, they quickly think it’s about carrying heavy goods on their heads and going from one neighborhood to another forcing people to buy products with exaggerated health benefits.

No! Affiliate Marketing goes beyond that. Take Jumia Nigeria for instance, they don’t own companies where phones are produced, they don’t even own any retail shop nationwide. But Jumia acts as that middle link between the producer and consumer. That’s a simple example of what affiliate is like.

You create an online portal (blog or website). You write good honest reviews about some interesting and trending products, you register with affiliates like Amazon and link their products to your blog. When people buy, you get commissions from their purchase. It’s a very straightforward online affiliate marketing strategy. Not carrying heavy goods on your head from pillar to post.

To join our class on affiliate marketing, click this link to join our telegram channel.

Take advantage of these opportunities today, and believe me in less than one year, you will be happy you did.

5. Online Survey

It is a digital world and a lot of companies have digital with their surveys. You can sit back in the comfort of your home, take surveys using web applications, and get paid for it. These surveys are just questions manufacturers need answers to and it serves as a form of research to help them manufacture the right products for the public.

You can between $50 – $100 monthly taking these surveys. All you need for a start is to register on applications like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and Prizerebel. It is advisable that you create a new email for your registration on each of the web applications. After your registration, you can then take the surveys and watch your earnings grow.

6. Proofreader

Proofreading is basically for people who have a good knowledge of grammar and can identify grammatical errors on written posts and articles effortlessly. They are as imperative as writers because without their services readers will have to deal with reading articles full of grammatical errors.

A proofreader earns between $12 – $50 per hour. You can find jobs on Freelancer, Monster, and Upwork. Proofreaders are given the task of proofreading all kinds of written contents like blog posts, emails e.t.c.

7. Writing

For those who know how to write very well, I have good news for you. Do not listen to naysayers, writing is still very much a profitable online business in 2022. All you should do is work on improving your writing prowess and take lessons on how to avoid grammatical errors while writing. You can decide to go bilingual by learning how to read and write in over five marketable international languages like Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese and Russian.

Writers can earn as much as $300 – $750 per article. If as a writer you would like to work for blogs and online portals targeting Search Engine traffic, you can enhance your SEO prowess and increase your chances of getting employed as an SEO specialist on established websites.

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