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How To Change Your Username On Snapchat



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Your Snapchat username is something you can change only once a year. So, any username you pick stays with you for 365 or 366 days in the case of a leap year before you can change it.

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Knowing this, you should give careful thought to your username before setting it to stick for 365 days. This is because people interact and connect with you via your username. So, your username is really important, it’s part of your identity on Snapchat.

How To Change Your Username

Snapchat strictly limits you from changing your username to one that is currently, or has previously been used by anyone—including yourself. More reason, to give careful thought when choosing a username.

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To Change your username, follow these steps;

• Log in to your Snapchat account and go to your profile

• Tap Settings in “My Profile”

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• Select “Username” under the “My Account” Menu

• Select “Change Username”. If you have changed your username in the last twelve months, you won’t be able to move to the next step.

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• Enter a new username, then select “Next”

• Type in your password to approve your username change, then click “confirm”

You can confirm the username change by selecting the profile icon at the top of the screen. Snapchat designates your username to be shown under the display name.

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How To Change Your Snapchat Display Name

Your Display name is different from your username. Your Display Name is what others see in searches on Snapchat. It’s the first name people notice before they notice a username. You can change your Display anytime you like.

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To change your Display name…

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• Click on the “Settings” icon in “My Profile”

• Select “Name” to edit your display name

• Type in your new Display name, then tap “Save”

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You have successfully changed your Display name. 


1. Can I change my Snapchat Display Name On a Desktop or PC?

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No. You can’t change your Snapchat Display name on a Desktop or PC. This is not to say that you can’t log in with your Desktop.

2. What do I do if someone changes my username?

Snapchat limits the number of times you can change your username to once every 365 days for increased security. However, if someone else has accessed your account to change anything, Snapchat will send you an email. The email contains a helpline link you can use to report unauthorized access. You will be asked to change your password afterwards.

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3. What is the difference between a Display name and a Username?

Your username and Display name are your Snapchat identifiers. Your Display Name from the word “Display”, is what Snapchat shows others when you appear in Searches or their feed.

Your username is the name used to “tag” or interact with you. Both the Display name and Username can be used to search for you.

You can change your Display name as often as you like too. But, you can only change your username once every year.

4. Can I reuse a username?

No. You can’t use a username you have previously used. Not just yours, but previously used usernames of other users. So, always be sure you won’t want your old username back, before going ahead to change it.

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Usernames stick for 365 days before you can edit them. So, be sure you will be proud of your username in 365 days to come. Because other users will interact with you or search for you using your username.

Your Display name however can be changed as often as you like. So, be free and creative with it, as that is what Snapchat will show other users.

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