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How to Create a Verified PayPal Account in Any Country Banned By PayPal | Nigeria | Ghana | Gabon | Liberia



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Create a PayPal account that receives money in Nigeria

What is PayPal? Well, PayPal is not rocket science, PayPal is basically a platform where you can send and receive money online. The good news is that PayPal is widely accepted globally. It has other features like debit cards for payments, plus credit card readers for small retail merchants.

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Due to the simple fact that PayPal is widely accepted globally, it would be a mistake not to own a PayPal account as an online business man or woman, freelancer, blogger or online advertiser.

Creating a Nigerian PayPal account is possible, but you cannot use it to receive money in Nigeria. This is basically because PayPal placed a restriction on Nigeria for reasons best known to them. Now legit and genuine Nigerian online business men and women are the ones suffering the restrictions infused by PayPal on Nigeria. I mean of what use is a PayPal account if you cannot use it to receive money.

It is usually difficult to run international businesses without a PayPal account. PayPal even with its occasional issues is still a good platform for business transactions. Freelancers, professional writers, and online e-commerce stores make use of PayPal. The only widely recognized alternative to a PayPal account is a Payoneer account, yet a lot of online businesses prefer using PayPal.

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In the last 15-years, PayPal has been available and efficiently serving its users by maintaining a working platform for online transactions. You can send money to your family and friends living anywhere in the world using a PayPal account. As a business owner, you can also pay your employees by using your PayPal account. However, in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon, Liberia e.t.c. PayPal either banned these countries or provided them with limited PayPal features. PayPal withdrew or limited her services and doesn’t operate in these countries. For instance, in Nigeria, you can only create a PayPal account that sends money, but you cannot withdraw money with that same PayPal account. Your may also like to read about PayPal release funds trick.

In this article, we are going to provide you with a guide with which you can create a working and verifiable PayPal account anywhere in the world including countries with PayPal bans and restrictions. There are mainly two types of PayPal accounts and they are personal and business accounts. PayPal’s personal account doesn’t have all the essential features of PayPal in it. However, the PayPal business account has all the features you will be needing as a business person. So, in this article, we will focus on how you can create a working PayPal business account in countries with PayPal bans or restrictions.

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Requirements to Create  a Working PayPal Business Account

1. A working smartphone with a good internet connection.

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2. Quality internet browser example Phoenix, Chrome Firefox e.t.c

3. Valid Identity Card (ID Card). In this case, your Voters Card or National Identity Card (NIN) can serve.

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4. A working email address. (you can use a custom email address if you have one).

5. A business registration document issued in any country (this is optional).

Note: It is important to note that you do not need any Virtual Private Network (VPN) or unique IP address to create this PayPal business account. You may not know this, but VPNs place your PayPal account on Red Flags. To avert the dangers of using VPNs, we are going to create a PayPal account using the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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The UAE has huge PayPal advantages because it is a place you can find wealthy businessmen and women. This is why PayPal accounts created using the UAE are hardly banned or restricted. On the other hand, PayPal as a company is aware that a lot of business people in the United Arab Emirates travel across the world doing their respective businesses. So, accounts created in the UAE or using the PayPal sub-website for the UAE are usually given the benefit of doubt.

Warning: If you reside in any of the countries banned by PayPal, make sure you strictly follow the steps enumerated in this article to avoid making mistakes that may cause account restrictions or ban.

How to Create a Verified PayPal Account Using the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Follow the steps below to successfully register a PayPal account that works anywhere in the world.

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1. Click here to visit UAE PayPal  homepage – www.paypal.com/ae/

2. On the homepage, you will see a sign-up button, click on it.

3. Select Business Account and click on the continue button.

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4. The next page will request your email address. Type in your email address. You can use a custom email address if have anyone. Otherwise, you can either use Gmail or Yahoo mail.

5. You can now choose your password. Ensure you use alphanumeric passwords to toughen the security of your account. After choosing a strong password, click on continue.

After step 5, you have successfully created your PayPal account. Now, what’s remaining is to verify it to avoid losing it.  Below are the finishing touches you must make to this effect. The documents you must submit to verify your PayPal business account are listed below. 

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How to Verify your PayPal Business Account

Step 1: Enter your business information.

Step 2: Enter your contact.

Step 3: Enter your business details.

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Step 4: Provide your business phone line.

Step 5: Provide your business address.

Step 6: Describe your business.

Step 7: Give more of your personal information.

Step 8: Add your payment card or bank account to PayPal.

Step 1: Enter your Business Information

Here you should provide your business information. To do this effectively, see yourself as one who has done business in UAE before. Ensure you write something captivating and convincing about your business even if it’s all imaginary. You will also be mandated by PayPal to enumerate what your business is all about. Do this carefully to avoid giving them a wrong impression.

Step 2: Enter your Business Contact

Your business contact is a necessary detail in your PayPal business account. You will be required to enter your full name. Just ensure that the name you provide aligns with the name on your Identity Card or Voters Card. This is very essential.

Step 3: Business Details

Since your account is expected to be a functioning PayPal business account, your business details will be needed. Enter your business details in the box provided. Also, ensure that you enter a legal business name. Even if your business name is registered in another country, it is advisable that you enter it.

If you do not have a registered business name, you can enter any chosen business name of your choice. Make sure you avoid bogus business names and do not enter business names that are in any way related t  fraudsters and unscrupulous people.

Step 4: Provide your Business Phone Line

Any phone number from any country is allowed in this section. Even if your phone number is registered in the United States, just select the country code and type in your phone number.

Step 5: Provide Your Business Address 

Your business address is expected to be the physical location of your business. However, it is advisable that you use the address in your business document. If you are a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, you are allowed to choose any UAE address of your choice, but it is advisable you use the one on your business document.

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After providing your address, you should read and agree to PayPal’s users’ agreement, privacy, terms, and conditions by ticking on the validation box provided.

Step 6: Describe your Business

Describing your business on PayPal is not difficult. First and foremost, you are expected to select a business type. Just select individual/sole proprietorship. This will enable you to verify your PayPal business account using a personal identity card or document.

Finally, if you own or run a website, it will be good if you type in your website in the box provided for it. This will make your PayPal business account look more authentic.

 Step 7: Give More of your Personal Information

Here PayPal is simply requesting to know about you and your personal business. You should add your date of birth, your NIN number as it is on your ID Card and also specify the country that issued the ID Card to you. This should be your country of origin or nationality. Now, specify if your business address is the same as your personal address. Finally, click on submit.

Step 8: Add your Payment Card or Bank Account to your PayPal Account

This is the final step and it helps you receive money easily from your PayPal account to your local bank account. All you need to do is to add your payment Card (prepaid debit card or virtual credit card). Adding a payment card is preferable to adding a bank account on PayPal because it is easy to verify. Except you have a foreign account created in the United States, always use a payment card to verify PayPal.

How to add your Payment Card on PayPal

1. Visit/Login to your PayPal account.

2. Look for Account Settings on the top right side of your dashboard.

3. Go to money >>> Banks >>> Cards.

4. Now, add your bank/payment card. Remember it takes about $3 to verify your payment card on Paypal. So, deposit at least $5 in your account. Your money will be returned after verification.

Note: It is important to note that adding a payment card or bank account on PayPal is not compulsory. But until you add one of them, your account will be limited to an annual spending limit of $3,714.16. So, it is essential that you add a payment card.

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