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How To Recover Deleted Instagram Messages



Holla!! I trust you are having a great day and am here to make it even greater. Do you know you can recover lost or deleted Instagram messages or photos?  Yes, you can recover deleted messages on Instagram! Don’t you want to know how Instagram message recovery works? I am sure you certainly want to know more.

First of all, before we continue, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking channels where you can share pictures, videos whether privately or publicly, and also chat with other users in the social media community.

I would also be giving you insight on how to recover your lost photos on Instagram,

Now let’s get down to that of pictures before we move over to Instagram message recovery;

Go to PHOTOS on your iPhone and Photo Album on your Android devices. Whenever you post a picture on your Instagram account, your device primarily saves a copy of the picture in the folder named Instagram on your device. It is meant to serve as a backup in case of future purposes.

Let me break it down further, On Android:

Go to My Files or File Manager then move to Pictures and click Instagram to see pictures posted previously on your Instagram account.

For iPhone Users;

Navigate to the Photos app on iPhone, Click on Albums and then move to the Instagram album then open it, All the photos and videos will be in the album.

For Instagram Message recovery, you can gain entry to your Direct Messages on Instagram through Facebook if you had previously connected your Instagram and Facebook account, then you are good to go. By checking Facebook’s inbox you can view and manage messages on Instagram.

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Another way by which Instagram message recovery can be done is via the Instagram Message Recovery tool, a website set up by an ex-employee of Instagram.  You can log into your Instagram account and recover deleted messages through the website. 

Follow these steps below:

Go to Assisttechie.com and type in your Instagram username or the profile URL.

Once you login into your Instagram account, click “Recover Messages” to begin the process. You would need to verify that you are human and then start the process of Instagram Message Recovery.

Please take into consideration that the recovered messages via the website would be downloaded in ZIP format.

If the methods aforementioned for your Instagram message recovery didn’t work for you, then you can use EaseUS MobiSaver for Android and IOS or IPhone users, EaseUS MobiSaver helps you to recover lost data including messages, pictures, contacts on your smartphone.

How to Recover Your Deleted Instagram Messages

Connect your Android or IOS to a computer.

Try Installing and then Running EaseUS MobiSaver for Android and IPhone. You can check it out for download on playstore

On Android:

Please take into cognizance that you need to make sure your Android device is connected before beginning the process of the Instagram message recovery.

Tap the Start button to let the software scan and to begin a smooth connection to your device.

For Photo Recovery Software, you would be required to scan your phone to search for deleted photos on Instagram.

The software would go through a thorough process of searching and scanning for lost files.

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For iPhone Users;

After downloading the application, choose Recovery mode then tap on Recover from IOS Device and then click on Scan. The tool will scan and search for Instagram photos and messages that were lost.

Choose the deleted data that you want to retrieve and get back and click Recover.

So, in this manner, you can get back deleted messages and photos of your Instagram account.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages Without Using a Software

The below steps can be taken to recover your deleted Instagram messages manually. This method is tested and proven and at the same time, it is free and secure.
1. Log-in to Instagram.com (web version of Instagram)
2. Visit your profile by tapping your account settings icon placed in the upper-right corner of your Instagram web version.
3. Select the gear icon, after which your select privacy and security.
4. Look for Data Download on the list options provided and request download.
5. Tap on log in again and then type in your Instagram Log in details.
6. Select on Download Data. A ZIP file containing all the things you have been sharing on Instagram will be downloaded immediately. This includes your videos, pictures e.t.c
7. Go to you device file manager and extract the file.
8. Go to the any compatible application in your device that can help you open the file.
9. You can locate every single message on the file using the appropriate keywords after you press Ctrl+F.

Put to test these methods and let’s see if it helps you in your quest to recover your deleted Instagram messages.

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