How to Retrieve Deleted Tweets

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How to Retrieve Deleted Tweets

Spending your time composing a very long tweet and unintentionally deleting it can be a very painful experience that could entirely spoil your day. This can happen to anybody, there is no exception because after all, it can be an unintentional and impulsive act, taken without considering the consequences that may follow.

Now, the million-dollar question is what do you do if you unintentionally or mistakenly delete your tweets? Do you sit back and frown at your smartphone’s screen in agony and pain or do you sadly and regrettably blame yourself all day for the one single mistake of deleting your favorite tweets?

There is a huge possibility that you can recompose your deleted tweets again and possibly repost them. But what do you do if the tweets are very old tweets whose contents have been long discarded by your fragile brain cells? You may not have a good answer to my last question, but this article is good news for you. Yes, you may not know it, but Twitter comes with an Archive Feature and this archive has the capacity to save all the tweets made globally, including the ones made by South Americans, Citizens of the United States, and people leaving the most populated country of the world, China.

Twitter Archive Feature saves all the tweets made by anybody who has ever used Twitter in this world. In this Twitter archive, you can retrieve things like your deleted tweets, photos, and videos. So, all you need to do to access your deleted tweets and Twitter data is to request a download of your personal Twitter data from the Twitter archive. Don’t fret, in this guide, we will show you how you can recover your deleted tweets, and other necessary Twitter information in a moment.

How to Recover Deleted Tweets

To easily gain swift access to your deleted tweets, follow the steps or procedure below:

• First, open Twitter and sign in to your Twitter account ( This has to be the account you intend to retrieve deleted tweets from)

• Select the more option which is available on the left side of the Twitter application.

• After step two, tap on settings and privacy.

• Next, in the account section, you will see “Download an Archive of your data”. Now, click on it to download.

• Your Twitter password will be requested for verification and to grant you access to download the file.

• Tap on “Request Archive” and Twitter immediately will start preparing your archive. When the archive of your Twitter information is ready for download, you will receive an email notification from Twitter.

• Before 24 hours elapses, a notification from Twitter containing a download link for your Twitter data will be sent to your email. ( This has to be the email you used in registering your Twitter account).

• It is imperative to note that it may take Twitter two or more days to send a notification to you. It solely depends on the number of Tweets you have on your account.

• When you finally receive this email from Twitter, click on the download link in your email and the link will take you to the Twitter Settings and  Privacy page.

• To download, just tap on the Download Button and it will be saved to your device as a zip file.

• At this point, you now have a zip file which contains your Twitter information and this includes your deleted tweets. The bigger question now will be how you can single out the deleted tweets or tweets you are looking for from this file.

Not to worry, continue reading to know-how.

How to See and Retrieve Deleted Tweets

1. First, you have to extract that Twitter data .zip file you’ve downloaded. You can use Win zip or 7zip to unzip or extract the .zip file.

2. Once you are done extracting the file, you will see a new folder.

3. Go to this new folder and open your archive.html file to view and retrieve your deleted tweets.

This is all there is to use this method to retrieve your lost tweets or deleted tweets.

Other Methods To Retrieve Deleted Tweets

If you don’t want to go through the stress of having to wait for Twitter to send you an email notification containing a link to download your Twitter archive, you can use these alternative methods to retrieve your old, lost, or deleted tweets from the internet.

All the methods discussed below and effective and can help you recover your deleted tweets, you can choose to use any of the four methods discussed below.

1. Google Cache

You may not know this, but the truth is whenever you compose a tweet and post it on Twitter, Google will automatically index your numerous tweets and save all of them on its servers. The good news is that this process is automated and you don’t need any settings to put it in place.

I hate to admit it, but to me, it seems Google is in love with Twitter and tweets. Most of the time during big football matches, worldwide breaking news, and big events, if you drop a search query on Google, you find it displaying short tweets on views of Twitter users on that particular match, news, or event. Even webmasters have this practice of dropping web links on Twitter to get their pages indexed on search engines (Google especially). So, it is not out of place to say that Google is in love with Twitter.

Here is what you can do to retrieve your Tweets from Google’s servers

• Open Google and search for your deleted tweet using the words used in composing that tweet and end with your username.

( For instance, “Instagram age checker twiscoloaded blog tweets”)

• If you lost tweet was indexed by Google, you would see probably see on Google’s first page of SER(Search Engine Results)

• Now, towards the end of the tweet URL, click on the arrow.

• Then tap on the Cached icon.

At this point, you would be able to see and retrieve your deleted tweet.

2. Backup your Tweets

It is okay to try to retrieve deleted tweets, but what if you take precautionary measures and backup your tweets ahead of time. This saves you the stress of trying to recover a deleted tweet.

To avoid losing your tweets, especially in cases of Twitter account bans, you can copy and paste your tweets and pictures on your PC or smartphone and have them saved and backed up yourself.

This personal backup method is the best, and easiest way to keep a record of your online Twitter activities.

3. Always Save Your Photo Url

Twitter is made in a way that anytime you upload a picture, a special URL for that particular picture is generated by Twitter. To get this URL, just tap on the picture and then click copy post/picture URL. Then save the URL in your device so that whenever you want to get the post or picture back you log in to Twitter web, then copy and paste the URL on your web browser.

This URL will help you locate the post or picture on Twitter with ease and won’t have to keep scrolling and scrolling down your timeline to access your favorite tweets or pictures.

Another good thing about saving picture URLs is that even if the entire post is deleted when you paste the picture URL on Twitter, you would gain immediate access to it on the Twitter web.

4. Use The Internet Archive (Weyback Machine)

You may be completely oblivious of this, however, there is a worldwide web Internet Archive that automatically saves older versions of all websites. The good news is you could use this Internet Archive to gain access to your old and deleted tweets. In order to utilize the Weyback Machine is retrieving your deleted tweet, just follow the steps below;

• Visit using your PC or Laptop.

• Copy your Twitter profile URL or and click on Browse History ( you can do this by visiting your Twitter timeline on the web and then copying the link).

• Select the date you posted your deleted tweet.

• After selecting the date, you will see all your deleted tweets on your screen, copy all of them.


All you need to retrieve your deleted tweet or tweets that have been talked about in the article above. All you just need is to follow the procedures or steps.

If you have any difficulties using any of the steps, do not hesitate to let us know using the comment box. We will always give typical replies to all your queries or questions.

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