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Skribbl.io Hacks – Auto Draw | Auto Guesser| Auto Answer [Free Access]


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Skribbl.io is a fun game you can use to while away time or have fun with friends. You can make special drawings for friends or just guess drawings correctly for fun. We will be sharing with you all you need to learn about the Skribbl.io hack. You will also learn other hacks like the Autodraw bot and Autoguesser hacks. These hacks will help you each time you want to make beautiful drawings to impress your friends.

What is Skribbl.io

Skribbl.io is a popular multiplayer game where you can draw and guess drawings. When playing this game with friends, one player will be given a word to draw. Then the rest of the players, are expected to guess the word given to the player through the drawings. It’s a nice way to relax and have fun with friends.

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It improves your vocabulary, creativity and brain speed. The more, the merrier.

Why Skribbl.io is Popular

Skribbl.io is fast gaining a lot of attention following its success. 

• It can be played on any device, PC or mobile.

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• Anyone can join in to start playing. 

• You don’t need a fast network to play the game. 

• It is available in many languages; English, Korean, Italian, Arabic, Hindu and any other language.

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These and so many others are the features players from around the world enjoy, hence its popularity.

What is a Skribbl.io Hack?

Skribbl.io is a fun game for people who love games that will task their brains to think hard. You earn points if you can guess the right word before anyone else does. You can also use a Skribbl.io hack to play the game conveniently.

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The Skribbl.io hack is a script or bot that helps players bypass the Skribble protocols and perform tasks without following the rules. A lot of these hacks are browser extensions as the game is played on the browser.

Each hack has its functions as can be guessed from its name; word helper, mute option, auto draw and many more.

Different Types Of Skribbl.io Hacks

There are different types of Skribbl.io hacks, but, we will select a few of the best. We will select some of the hacks that will help you with your drawings and guesses.

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But, if you want to enjoy the game completely, I suggest you do it without the hacks. 

Let’s take a look at these hacks in the meantime.

Autoguesser Hack For Skribble.io

If you are not so good at making guesses, then you will find this hack useful.  The Autoguesser Hack is a chrome extension script that automatically helps you guess the word after analyzing the drawings. It will display all possible guesses for you to pick the valid answers.

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To use this hack;

• Open your Chrome browser 

• Click the “Add to Chrome” button to add the “Tampermonkey” extension

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• Close the tab

• Go to the Skribbl.io Autoguesser script page on GitHub. Then scroll down to click the URL to install.

• You will be taken to another page. Click “install” to download. Then close the tab.

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• Visit Skribbl.io and click on “Activate Skribbler” to enable the hack.

You can now guess all your words correctly.

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Autodraw Hack

The Autodraw Hack is the most popular and used Skribbl.io hack. If you suck at drawings, the Autodraw Hack can help you draw the image expected of you. All you need to do is find the right image on Google, drag and drop in the drawing box for Autodraw hack to do its work.

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To use Autodraw Hack, follow these steps:

• Download the Autodraw Hack script from GitHub

• Extract the Autodraw Hack script with an extraction tool; WinRar, 7-Zip, or any other tool.

• Open your Chrome browser and click on the 3 dots at the top right-hand corner

• Select “More”, from the drop-down options and clock on “Extensions”

• Turn on the “Developer Mode” option at the top right side and click on “Load unpacked” on the upper left side

• Search for the extracted Skribbl.io Autodraw hack script and click on it to open a folder.

• Click on “Select Folder”. The Autodraw hack will be visible and enabled by default in Chrome.

You can now start a game to try out the hack. Search for the image in a new tab and drag it into the drawing space so the Autodraw Hack can start drawing.

All Skribbl.io Hacks 2022

Here is a list of working hacks on Skribbl.io. All these scripts will require Tampermonkey to install.

Auto Guesser or Auto Answer Hack…Download here

Auto Draw Hack or Auto Draw Bot…Download here

Mute Option and Screenshot… Download here

Word Helper…Download here

Skribbl Helper…Download here

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Narrow down words bot…Download Here

NB: Remember to download Tampermonkey to enable you install scripts

We will update you with new hacks as they are released. So, keep checking back for updates.

Do Skribbl.io Hacks Work In 2022?

As the game became more popular, Skribbl.io hacks started surfacing on the internet. However, most Skribbl.io user script hacks are constantly being blocked, so, the game is not ruined for others.

So, if you find that you can’t activate some hacks anymore, then it has been blocked. However, the Autodraw hack is still very much available.

So, have lots of fun with your friends, draw and guess as much as you want to. Let the game sharpen up your mind and creativity, have fun doing that. You shouldn’t always have to win, just enjoy your game and the company.


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