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Soludo claims that every gunman captured in Anambra is Igbo

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The governor of Anambra State, Professor Charles Soludo, revealed the identities of the gunmen terrorizing several areas of the state on Sunday and said that everyone that was apprehended is Igbo.

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Recent terror attacks by gunmen in the South-East targeted locals, security personnel, and public infrastructure.

Members of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its paramilitary Eastern Security Network have been implicated in the majority of the attacks (ESN).

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Igbo people are the ones causing crimes in the state, according to Soludo, who claimed as much in an interview with Channels TV’s Politics Today on Sunday.

Furthermore, contrary to common assumption, criminals are both recognized and not unknown, according to the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, because they are constantly profiled in the media.

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“Let me be clear about this: every single person we have apprehended is Igbo. The governor stated, “It is 100% Igbos on Igbos; it is not about some people coming in from somewhere.

The first batch of folks we apprehended consisted entirely of Igbos from other south-east states; none of them were from Anambra.

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But as we continued, we learned that many of the young people who had been led to these bushes and initiated into all of these kinds of behaviors also happened to be residents of or natives from the Anambra state.

Residents of Anambra lived in fear before Professor Soludo assumed control of the state’s administration; there was scarcely a week that went by without news of an attack.

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On Sunday, he told Channels Television that the security situation had much improved and credited the security forces’ work for the achievement.

“Given the situation when we arrived, we are not claiming that Anambra is completely secure…

However, the 8.5 million people who call Anambra home can attest to the fact that the state’s level of insecurity has dropped to an absolute minimum.

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“Fifteen gunman-run camps here have been completely destroyed. We have damaged their infrastructure, and even yesterday (Saturday), several additional locations where they were congregating were completely destroyed.

As a result, he continued, “I don’t think they have the capacity to return with the same intensity they did in the past.

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