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Canada’s Top Employers in the Cleaning and Housekeeping Sector 2024

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Current Housekeeping Positions Accepting Canadian Work Permits
If you’re looking for a housekeeper or a cleaning job, you’ll find both here. It facilitates the hiring of vetted cleaners for residential, business, and industrial spaces.

This page can assist you in locating a suitable housekeeping job in your area, whether you are seeking full-time, part-time, weekend, or holiday employment. There are even live-in housekeeper positions available here!

Looking for work as a housekeeper, maid, or cleaner in Canada? You have found the correct location! We are currently compiling a list of housekeeping positions available in cities and provinces across the country.

Put those pricey staffing agencies out of business and instead review the qualifications and experience listed here. Our mission is to help Canadians like you find reliable cleaning services for your home, workplace, or business property.

Foreign nationals seeking housekeeping work in Canada must either immigrate through the Canada Express Entry system or obtain a Working Holiday Visa.

If you need a housekeeper, home cleaner, maid service, or cleaning job in Canada, or if you are a professional cleaner seeking employment in Canada, you will find everything you need to know about the field right here.

What is the going rate in Canada for a housekeeper?

Find out what a typical salary and benefits package for a housekeeper in Canada is by reading this posting. The average Housekeeping income in Canada is $35,420 per year, or $18 per hour, according to a recent national salary survey.

Housekeeping jobs pay an annual salary of $24,225 on the low end, and as much as $50,000 for those with years of experience.

Can You Describe the Role of a Housekeeper?

  • Cleaning and shining all the furniture and appliances
  • Keeping the kitchen neat and tidy
  • Purifying water fixtures, counters, showers, and baths
  • Cleaning glass
  • Altering, or making, bedding and pillows
  • Ironing garments
  • Cleaning and maintaining carpets and rugs by vacuuming
  • Scrubbing, buffing, and wiping tile and stone floors
  • The Laundry Process: Organizing, Cleaning, Doing, and Finishing
  • Maintaining a supply of clean towels, soap, and other bathroom necessities
  • Space organization
  • Clean the blinds
  • Keeping an eye on the cleaning materials and restocking when necessary
  • Putting to use any and all vacuum cleaners, mops, and other cleaning implements
  • Glass and mirrors need to be cleaned.
  • Drapery steam washing and maintenance
  • Taking out the trash and throwing it away
  • Repairs and replacements that need to be reported

Newest Overseas Housekeeping Positions Available in Canada

There are a lot of visitors who are looking for Housekeeping Jobs in Canada for Indians. A housekeeper’s primary responsibility is to clean and maintain a clean, orderly, and pleasant living space and surrounding areas.

They are responsible for keeping the space clean as directed by management. Housekeepers are responsible for maintaining clean and comfortable living quarters by performing tasks such as cleaning and storing housekeeping equipment, restocking toilet paper and bathroom supplies, and more. Qualifications for a Career in Canadian Housekeeping

Housekeeper required for Southside (Riverbend) Edmonton. Negotiable Edmonton, Alberta Apply Now
Cook/Housekeeper/Mother’s Helper Needed $12.00 Londo, Ontario Apply Now
Looking for a cleaner for 2 Airbnb’s West Guilford Negotiable West Guilford, Ontario Apply Now
AIRBNB Domestic Helper Wanted in Stoke’s Bay $20.00 Stoke’s Bay, Ontario Apply Now
Wanted: an Experienced Housekeeper – South Langley $25.00 Langley, British Columbia Apply Now
Looking for a Housekeeper for approx 20 hours/week (3 days/week) $20.00 Toronto, Ontario Apply Now
Commercial Office Cleaner (companies) needed in Montreal $16.00 Montreal, Quebec Apply Now
Toronto, Ontario House Cleaning Provider Job $15.00 Toronto, Ontario Apply Now
House Cleaner wanted Negotiable Calgary, Alberta Apply Now
Cottage Cleaning Needed ASAP! $20.00 Bancroft, Ontario Apply Now
Cleaning subcontractors wanted $22.50 Guelph, Ontario Apply Now
Job Opportunity: a Reliable House Cleaning Provider $19.00 Celista, British Columbia Apply Now
Mississauga House Cleaner Needed – Creditview & Brittania Negotiable Mississauga, Ontario Apply Now
I need a person who mainly can cook lunch and help with Laundry $16.00 Toronto, Ontario Apply Now
Reliable Housemaid Needed Immediately $15.00 Blind River, Ontario Apply Now
Job Posting: a Well Trained Housekeeping Service Provider $25.00 Val-des-Lacs, Quebec Apply Now
We have 3 bedroom and loft in whistler we need cleaning weekly $20.00 Whistler, British Columbia Apply Now
Housekeeping/nanny help needed in Maple! Negotiable Maple, Ontario Apply Now
Looking for a Home Cleaner in Kanata/Carp for 20+ hours per week $18.00 Ottawa, Ontario Apply Now
I have just started a ‘Royal Eagles inc.’ , ‘royal eagle inc’ on facebook $20.00 Lethbridge, Alberta Apply Now
Looking for housekeepers to join our apartment cleaning team $15.00 Montreal, Quebec Apply Now
Bodega Ridge & Cove is a small 12 cabin property looking for full time housekeepers Negotiable Galiano Island, British Columbia Apply Now
Opportunity for a Qualified Housecleaner in Coquitlam, British Columbia $14.00 Coquitlam, British Columbia Apply Now
Casual evening & weekend help needed $25.00 Vancouver, British Columbia Apply Now
Housekeeper $15.00 Toronto, Ontario Apply Now
House Keeper Wanted in Ottawa $14.00 Ottawa, Ontario Apply Now
Grand Bend, Ontario Housekeeping Service Job $20.00 Grand Bend, Ontario Apply Now
Niagara-on-the-Lake Home Cleaner Job $14.00 Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Apply Now
Looking for a quality house cleaning for new duplex Negotiable Montreal, Quebec Apply Now
Hiring Sudbury, Ontario Housekeeping $17.00 Sudbury, Ontario Apply Now
Housekeeper Job in Mont-Royal, Quebec Negotiable Mont-Royal, Quebec Apply Now
Looking for honest and experienced cleaner. Negotiable Toronto, Ontario Apply Now
Burnaby, British Columbia Housekeeper Opportunity $20.00 Burnaby, British Columbia Apply Now
Job Posting: a Skilled Housekeeper in Mississauga, Ontario $14.00 Mississauga, Ontario Apply Now
Toronto Condo Cleaner Job – 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, living area $22.00 Toronto, Ontario Apply Now
Housekeeper Negotiable Mississauga, Ontario Apply Now
Montreal Housekeeping Job $18.00 Montreal, Quebec Apply Now
General housekeeping Negotiable Mississauga, Ontario Apply Now
Looking For Housekeeper In Kawartha Lakes $20.00 Bobcaygeon, Ontario Apply Now
Housekeeping $12.00 Toronto, Ontario Apply Now
Full OR Part-time Housekeeper Needed – DETAIL ORIENTED! $20.00 Caledon, Ontario Apply Now
Kitchen Cleaning Wanted in Burlington $25.00 Burlington, Ontario Apply Now
We are seeking a part-time, live-out housekeeper/meal preparation/child care Negotiable Vaughan, Ontario Apply Now
Happy Housekeeper needed twice a week for month! $15.00 Etobicoke, Ontario Apply Now
Housekeeper needed $22.00 Toronto, Ontario Apply Now
Temagami, Ontario Cottage Cleaning & Sanitizing and Laundry $25.00 Temagami, Ontario Apply Now
Employing a Present FULL TIME House Keeper in Toronto, Ontario $20.00 Toronto, Ontario Apply Now
Looking for a nanny/ housekeeper – 2 kids, aged 5 and 7 in school full time. $20.00 Whitby, Ontario Apply Now
Seeking a Reliable Housekeeping Service in Hope $18.00 Hope, British Columbia Apply Now
Brampton, Ontario Housekeeping Posting Negotiable Brampton, Ontario Apply Now
House cleaner Negotiable Calgary, Alberta Apply Now
Toronto & Vancouver Part-Time to Full Time Cleaners Needed Negotiable Vancouver, British Columbia Apply Now
Cleaning Company Looking for Cleaners $16.00 LaSalle, Quebec Apply Now
Reliable Part-time Housekeper Negotiable Westmount, Quebec Apply Now
Seasoned House Cleaner Needed Immediately Negotiable Winnipeg, Manitoba Apply Now
Work Opportunity: Fort McMurray, Alberta House Cleaner $22.00 Fort McMurray, Alberta Apply Now
Opportunity: Labelle House Cleaning Provider needed $20.00 Labelle, Quebec Apply Now
Housekeeper wanted Negotiable Richmond Hill, Ontario Apply Now
Vaughan Housekeeper Needed $20.00 Vaughan, Ontario Apply Now
Looking for a fulltime Housekeeper in West Vancouver $18.00 West Vancouver, British Columbia Apply Now
Opportunity: Kleinburg Maid $20.00 Kleinburg, Ontario Apply Now
Yorkton, Saskatchewan Home Cleaner Job $18.00 Yorkton, Saskatchewan Apply Now
Victoria, British Columbia Home Cleaner Posting $15.00 Victoria, British Columbia Apply Now
Low, Quebec Chambermaid Opportunity Negotiable Low, Quebec Apply Now
Housekeeper Job in Huntsville, Ontario, for small resort. Negotiable Huntsville, Ontario Apply Now
Family of 4 Looking for a House Manager in Vancouver (UBC area) $25.00 Vancouver, British Columbia Apply Now
Looking for a Capable Domestic in Calgary, Alberta Negotiable Calgary, Alberta Apply Now
Housekeeper Job in Hamilton, Ontario Negotiable Hamilton, Ontario Apply Now
Housekeeper Negotiable Oakville, Ontario Apply Now
Sorrento, British Columbia Home Cleaner Posting $20.00 Sorrento, British Columbia Apply Now
House Cleaner Wanted in Deep Cove Area $25.00 North Vancouver, British Columbia Apply Now
Good Domestic Wanted in Cambridge $20.00 Cambridge, Ontario Apply Now
Housekeeper Job in Calgary, Alberta Negotiable Calgary, Alberta Apply Now
Nanny/Housekeeper Negotiable Toronto, Ontario Apply Now
Looking for Airbnb Cleaner – $20.00 Calgary, Alberta Apply Now
Organization and cleaning Please $14.00 Kitchener, Ontario Apply Now
Need A House Keeper After Rentals $15.00 Merritt, British Columbia Apply Now
Hiring a Professional Home Cleaner in Chetwynd $20.00 Chetwynd, British Columbia Apply Now


The following skillsets are required for those looking for housekeeping employment in Canada:

Degree from a high school or GED equivalent

Superior practical expertise in the operation of cleaning equipment and the selection and use of cleaning chemicals

Capacity to focus Physical fitness and endurance to work for long shifts

Previous experience cleaning

Prior experience in customer service, ideally within the hospitality industry

Proof of age with an ID card showing you’re at least 21 years old

Possibility and willingness to work irregular hours, including holidays

Possessing the strength to raise, lower, and move objects weighing up to 20 pounds.

Having a strong drive to put others’ needs before your own in a high-pressure setting. Being comfortable and enjoying working with minimal oversight.

Able to switch gears between tasks

Can somebody give me the 5 s on what makes an excellent housekeeper in Canada?

In Canada, the rule of waste elimination through workplace association is part of the 5S or “good housekeeping” methodology. The Japanese words seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke all contributed to the creation of the acronym 5S.

Sort, put in order, clean, institutionalize, and carry on are some possible English translations. The premise upon which 5S is built is that disorganized workplaces are inefficient.

Similar to how the physical effects of trash on everyone and soil quality drive us all to work harder when things are clean, we all tend to be happier when things are spotless. A visual workplace, which includes 5S and basic housekeeping, is a crucial step toward world-class production.

All other quality assurance plans can now be set up thanks to 5S. It’s a method of encouraging, teaching, and guiding people and businesses to maximize their potential for success. The establishment of a profitable company culture is a part of this.

How Do I Become an Effective Canadian Housekeeper?
When it comes to cleaning jobs in Canada, it’s extremely crucial to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Slipping on wet or unclean floors, tripping over clutter in the hallway, and being struck by fallen objects are just a few of the ways that sloppy housekeeping can lead to injury.

The CCOHS stresses the importance of instituting a housekeeping program in the workplace. This application is meant to streamline the process of receiving, storing, and releasing goods. Employees must be taught proper procedures for working with potentially hazardous materials.

Include housekeeping duties in the job description to provide a clean working environment. Workers are expected to keep their respective work areas neat and tidy at all times. In addition, they need to double-check the cleanliness of their workplace.

Housekeeping positions in Canada are mentioned as a bonus

Assure the timely cleaning of any accidents. Replace damaged flooring in high-traffic areas like hallways with new, slip-resistant flooring that won’t need to be replaced as often.

Keeping lighting equipment clean can increase its efficiency.
Don’t block off any doors or hallways. Mirrors and cautionary signs could be installed to increase visibility at blind intersections.

Always make sure your equipment is checked, cleaned, and in working order. Do your best to avoid using broken equipment.

The Center for Community Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) emphasized the importance of evaluations as the primary means of identifying and addressing program deficiencies.

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