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Eight Lucrative Trade Jobs Across Canada in 2023 and 2024

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Canada’s continued prosperity and global influence depend on its ability to attract talented people from throughout the world to live and work there.

Canada’s labor force is shrinking annually as a result of declining birthrates and rising retirement rates. Canada hopes that its economy will benefit from the arrival of 431,645 new residents.

Canada is able to offer high wages to its tradespeople because of its robust economy. Find out if your trade profession ranks among Canada’s highest paid jobs by looking at this list. Maybe it’s time to find a new home in a country that recognizes and rewards excellence.

There are over 300 different types of skilled crafts accessible across the country, increasing the likelihood that you will be able to find a secure and well-paying position.

1. Driver of Trucks, NOC 7511.

Annual Wage Prediction: $140,352

In Canada, trucking can be broken down into a number of different specializations. Long-distance trucking is where the money is at. In your line of work, you routinely undertake cross-country trips across North America. In addition to driving long distances, long-haul drivers may be tasked with other duties, such as customer service and business development.

2. NOC Code 7251: Plumbers

Annual Wage Prediction: $101,376

Canadian plumbers are responsible for the setup, maintenance, and upkeep of all plumbing systems. Construction sites can be either private homes, businesses, or even factories. You can get employment in a company’s manufacturing or plant maintenance division.

3. Code NOC 7201 Welder

Annual Wage Prediction: $95,235

The welding industry in Canada is highly lucrative. Metals can be joined by welders using welding machines.

You may work for welding contractors or welding shops, or you could get employment with a company that manufactures structural steel and plate work, boilers, heavy machinery, aircraft, or ships.

4. NOC Code 7241: Electrician

Annual Wage Prediction: $94,521

Being an electrician in Canada can take several forms of employment. You could do conservation and maintenance work for a municipality.

Work opportunities also exist in the areas of commercial building rehabilitation, electrical work, and residential and commercial development renovation generally. Reading and understanding blueprints for the setup of electrical systems is a must.

5. NCC 7311: Millwright

Annual Wage Prediction: $91,584

Those seeking careers as millwrights or industrial mechanics would do well to cultivate a degree of flexibility. If you have the skills to operate, install, replace, and repair machinery, you may find work at a manufacturing or processing facility.

You will be expected to read project plans and troubleshoot machinery like pumps and electrical systems.

6. NOC 7281 Bricklayer

Salary of $76,281 per year is projected.

Ideally, a bricklayer would have worked in a commercial or industrial setting before. The majority of what you’ll be working with is concrete, which you’ll have to shape, pour, and polish to perfection.

You should have experience laying brick, stone, or similar materials, and you should also be able to build and set up prefabricated masonry units.

7. NOC CODE 7233 Sheet Metal Worker

Annual Wage Prediction: $75,264

In order to cut, drill, shape, and straighten metal, a sheet metal worker must use a wide variety of equipment and tools.

It’s a demanding job because there’s always something new to work on at a shop, company, or factory.

8. NOC Code 7204, Carpenter

Annual Wage Prediction: $74,764

Do construction, remodeling, or develop a firm for a major industrial plant. Installing things like windows, doors, stairwells, moldings, and hardware are all part of a carpenter’s job description.

You will use various measuring tools to create plans that adhere to building regulations.

Skills in reading and evaluating blueprints can help you understand what kinds of specifications are needed.

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