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To Immigrate To Canada In 2023/2024, Follow These 5 Simple Steps

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You will travel the general route of advice regarding in-demand occupations, applying for public health insurance, and shipping personal property overseas. However, where do you even begin?

Typically, you would start by doing some preliminary research online. There are several pages of government policies and regulations.

Step 1: see if you meet the requirements to enter Canada.

You should verify your eligibility to immigrate to Canada before proceeding with your plans. There are a lot of reasons why you might not be allowed to relocate. Among these are the following:

  • Human rights violation; violation of international law
  • money issues criminal history
  • health and wellness
  • resistance with IRPA (Immigration Refugee Protection Act)
  • distortion

Step 2: Think Before You Post

Before creating your Express Entry profile, familiarize yourself with the portal. You should strive toward becoming an Express Entry candidate if you haven’t already done so if you’re a competent worker.

However, Express Entry is the most efficient means by which to acquire a Permanent Residence (PR) Invitation to Apply (ITA). Your education, language skills, and employment history will all be a part of the data you upload to your Express Entry profile. To decide which of them to update, you can do things like:

Retaking the IELTS, CELPIPS, or TEF (French) after taking language training to strengthen your skills. If you haven’t already, you should take an official English or French language test. CELPIP, IELTS, and the TEF (French) are the approved exams.

Canada uses a system called the National Occupational Classification (NOC) to classify jobs.

If you want to verify your foreign degree, documentation, or certifications, you’ll need to get an ECA. A select group of predetermined groups will act out the ECA on your behalf.

The list includes the likes of the Medical Council of Canada and the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada as well as the Comparative Education Service and the International Credential Assessment Service of Canada.

Make sure you have enough money to relocate or immigrate to Canada before you start the application process. The amount of close relatives you have will play a role in how your application is evaluated, so be prepared to answer that question.

A single person will need $12,475 and each additional relative will cost around $3,500. You won’t be admitted into Canada unless you can prove that you have access to sufficient funds and assets.

Step 3: make sure your application is complete.

To apply for a visa, select the form that is most relevant to your specific situation. If you are self-employed and want to come to Canada, for instance, you will have to fill out a different application than someone who is trying to immigrate to Canada in a parental or caregiver role for another person.

If you are a competent worker and want to move to Canada quickly, you can create an Express Entry profile online. Information about you, your language skills, and your credentials are included in this profile.

Unless you already have a job offer in hand, you should register with the Government of Canada’s Job Bank after finishing your Express Entry profile.

You must submit your application by mail if you are seeking for a common visa, family-supported visa, self-employed visa, visa for new businesses in Quebec, or visa for skilled workers in Quebec.

Step 4: you’ll submit your application fee.

Visa costs can add up quickly, especially if you need to sponsor a travel companion or dependents. For individuals applying for Express Entry, the application fee is $550 CAD (Canadian dollars).

However, the total application fee would be $1,250 CAD if you brought your spouse and any dependent children with you. Be careful to pay any and all fees before your application may be processed.

Step 5: sit tight for the arrival of your visa.

Keep in mind that it may be quite some time before you hear back about your application. Even if you submit your application through Express Entry, you may have to wait as long as six months for an answer.

If you know you need to relocate to Canada, submit your application as soon as possible. If you wait until the last week or month before you need to leave to submit your application, you will likely be disappointed.

If your application is declined, you will need to reapply, and you may want to do so if your situation significantly improves. If a decision is made, you have no recourse.


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