A dad weeps as he burys his two sons, victims of a building collapse in Anambra

Three weeks after his death in a building collapse in Nnewi, Anambra State, an artisan named Chizoba Anaefuna was laid to rest.

Nimo, Njikoka Local Government Area, is Anaefuna’s birthplace, and it was there on Friday that he was laid to rest.

Two of his kids, who had come with him to the construction site, perished alongside him when the structure they were working on fell.

The complex where Anaefuna and his sons were buried in Nimo was reportedly a scene of great distress after his death.

According to the source, the tragic end of the deceased person’s life brought many to tears, particularly because the man, who lived in Lagos but came down to Anambra for the job, brought his sons, who attended school in Anambra but were on break, to help him.

According to the information provided, “three of them died on the site when the building collapsed on them.”

Ajanzo village resident Chizoba Anaefuna and his two young children are shown lying in state in this video. The unfortunate victims lost their lives when a building in Otolo Nnewi fell a few weeks ago.

Since he was a skilled electrician, the late Chizoba had an installation work waiting for him at Animanjo’s Otolo Nnewi property. Returning from his headquarters in Lagos, he brought his two children with him to his site while they were on break from school in the village. Little did he realize that the devil had already made plans to take their life.

At their father’s Ajanzo Nimo compound, they were laid to rest today. The elderly mother or grandmother who had been caring for the kids all along was left behind when the father returned from work and took the kids to Nnewi, the source said.

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