Alia: Benue government refutes claims of N20 billion in fraud

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The state of Benue has refuted reports claiming that approximately N20 billion in federal funds allocated to local governments was misappropriated.

According to a report by twiscoloaded, the Global Integrity Crusade Network (GICN) has claimed that the governor of the state, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia, gave the order to redirect the enormous amount to his Special Advisor on Bureau of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Hon. Dr. Denis Akura.

In response, the state government dismissed the news as a playful accusation in a statement released by Akura on Wednesday.

“The unsuspecting members of the public were to be misled with bogus fallacious claims designed to discredit and distract the Alia administration,” he said the GICN report’s purpose.

Akura went on to say that he was not in charge of the bureau’s operations from June to October 2, 2023, and that mentioning him during that time merely “exposes the mischievous intent behind GICN’s false allegations.”

The message went on to say that, contrary to what certain media outlets have said, the bureau’s management is not authorized to distribute palliative care or Christmas relief supplies.

In response to GICN’s accusations, Akuka refuted them and said, “We are expecting more to come in the nearest future, especially now that the Alia administration’s reforms in various sectors of government continue to gather steam.”

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