Archbishop Adeleye: “Only true federalism can save Nigeria

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According to Tunde Adeleye, a former archbishop of the Calabar Anglican Diocese, Nigeria’s sociopolitical mess would continue unless the country embraces true federalism.

Adeleye maintained that all sub-nationals should have complete autonomy so they can operate independently of the national government.

He responded to Rt. Rev. Godfrey Ifeanyichukwu Ekpenisi of the Anglican Diocese of Ika, who delivered a lecture yesterday evening on the subject of “Recovering Nigeria Through Transformal Leadership,” in his speech.

Adeleye retired two years ago, and the Anglican Church in Calabar arranged his 2nd Birthday Colloquium in his honor.

“The biggest issue Nigeria is facing is the disdain for true federalism,” stated Adeleye. The nation ought to embrace the purest version of federalism, not the one currently in use. Every federating unit ought to be in charge of its own resources and have its own police force, legislature, judicial system, and educational system.

We shouldn’t wait for the central government to provide guidance on all fundamental matters that the subnational can handle quickly.

“Schools shouldn’t be required to use the same system. People from the South or the West should not be assigned to police responsibilities in the North since they are unfamiliar with the inhabitants and their peculiarities.

“We are fooling ourselves if proper federalism isn’t in place.”

According to the Anglican leader, Nigeria does not operate under the purported presidential system of government that was adopted from the USA.

“The cry for mighty men with transformational leadership is a call to reawaken the young Nigerians to the norms, values, and imperative realities,” stated Ekpenisi, the principal paper presenter.

“Let Nigerians establish their priorities appropriately and make every effort to uphold the traditions that have been established for us. If this is done, virtuous men will be raised to represent us across our nation’s political spectrum.

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