Bring me to court: Abbo, the fired politician, refutes the accusation made against judges

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Elisha Abbo, a former politician, has dared his detractors to take him to court over his allegations that certain justices and judges accepted bribes during election disputes.

Before being removed from the senate by the Court of Appeal, Abbo served as the senator for the Adamawa North Senatorial District.

Following his dismissal, Abbo asserted that polling places where he received the majority of votes had their election unfairly canceled, and he charged judges with accepting bribes in order to sway the outcome of justice.

According to the Daily Post, other attorneys strongly criticized him for making such a “weighty allegation” against the court officers and threatened to sue him if he didn’t retract his bribery claim.

At a news conference on Monday in Abuja, Abbo, however, urged his detractors to file a lawsuit against him, claiming he had proof of his bribery allegations.

“Bring me to court,” I’ll file a libel suit against you if you don’t. I have no fear of appearing in court. I’m not easily intimidated. I’m renowned for my audacity, bravery, and willingness to speak the truth,” he declared.

While he waits for the National Judicial Council to act on his petition against certain justices, Abbo claimed he had petitioned the US, UK, and EU to forbid visas for corrupt justices.

He declared, “The fight against corruption in Nigeria has to reach the judiciary, where some judges and justices are engaging in judicial banditry or a coup against democracy by unlawfully annulling the votes of those who the Nigerian people have duly cast ballots for.”

“Visa bans on the impacted judges and justices, as well as the revocation of visas for their family members who are already residents abroad, must be implemented in order to combat such judicial banditry both inside and outside the nation.”

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