Clubs in the NNL are given their final registration warning

Clubs who have not completed the NNL’s registration requirements will be kicked out of the competition, the NNL has warned.

Dr. Ayo Abdulrahman, COO of the NNL, issued the warning during an interview with league reporters.

Abdulrahman said that a month after the NNL AGM in Jos, registration began, but some clubs had still to finish the process.

He emphasized that the NNL is a professional league and that the clubs in it should act accordingly as the upcoming season approaches.

After last month’s annual meeting in Jos, we began the registration period right away. Some teams have yet to register as of this writing, despite the deadline that was set last week,” he said.

A new direction has been set by the board under George Aluo, he claims.

Any team that has not finalized its registration by the beginning of this week risks being kicked out of the league.

We’re not going to let any club bring us back. To make sure everything is handled in a competent manner, the secretariat works nonstop.

On Saturday, October 28th, a new season will begin.

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