Conflicts between musicians are fueled by fans – Skiibii

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Abbey Elias, better known by her stage name Skiibii Mayana, is a well-known musician from Nigeria. She has asserted that musicians battle for fans’ support in the music business.

Skiibii noted that fans frequently instigate musicians against one another based on rumors, resulting in conflict, in an interview with HipTV on Wednesday.

The 30-year-old singer also counseled his peers in the business to always follow their hearts.

“I feel like the fans are usually the cause of the issue,” he remarked. They will simply band together and declare that Michael Jackson is superior to Tupac.

Tupac will go carrying a gun and yelling, “They said you were better than me. They both start to look at each other differently after that.

Please understand that I don’t believe it is necessary. Let love take charge at all times. That is what I advocate. Make sure you and your brotherman are okay while letting the fans pursue their own interests.

Skiibii described himself as a musician with a variety of musical tastes.

“Being adaptable is crucial because it increases your longevity. Because you’re feeding every viewpoint, your music never becomes stale.

The singer claimed, “I feel like that’s an advantage because it’s what I can do, that’s my magic.

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