Deputy Governor Shaibu said, “Obaseki wasn’t popular, and I was brought to add value to his ticket.”

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Governor Godwin Obaseki’s running partner was convinced of by Philip Shaibu, the deputy governor of Edo State, who made the announcement on Wednesday.

According to Shaibu, who had a falling out with the governor after running for the 2024 governorship, Obaseki brought him in to boost his political standing before he ran for governor.

This was said by the deputy governor while he was answering questions on the Morning Show on Arise Television.

His acceptance of the office of deputy governor took over a month, he claims.

The first step was convincing me. To be honest, I was against being named deputy governor. The House of Representatives was a great place for me to be. I surrendered. I was reluctant to take the position of deputy governor of Edo state for over a month. This time around, it was all about persuasion rather than protests.

People who cared about me and my cause told me, “Look, you have to be there,” and I agreed. Why? For the purpose of bolstering Obaseki’s ticket, as Obaseki was unknown and not a politician.

A youthful, energetic politician with campaign experience who can boost the ticket’s political standing was necessary. I was truly convinced to say yes.

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