Graham Potter is praised by a Chelsea player as “a real coach”

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Graham Potter, manager of Chelsea, has been praised by defender Kalidou Koulibaly as a true coach.

Chelsea’s new manager, Potter, was recently named.

Thomas Tuchel, who was fired by Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly, was replaced by the Englishman.

“The new coach brought some good suggestions. He is a genuine coach.

He made some beneficial decisions for Brighton. He is currently the manager of Chelsea,” Koulibaly said to Le Quotidien.

He follows rules and has expectations. It’s up to me to exercise patience, to prove that I deserve to play, and to demonstrate throughout practice that the coach can put his trust in me.

“In contrast to this, there won’t be any issues. Since we are still in the early going, the coach will likely turn to players who are accustomed to playing for Chelsea and have been there for a very long period.

“There won’t be any issues, and I’ll play again when I’m 100%.”

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