I was the object of women’s rejection because of my appearance, said actor Stephen Alajemba

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Stephen Alajemba, also known as Uwaezuoke, a veteran of the Nigerian film industry, has spoken out about his childhood experiences of social and physical rejection.

According to the actor, his mom informed him that he was an unattractive baby and nobody wanted to carry him.

In a recent interview with Yan Kontent Factory, a renowned YouTuber, he revealed this.

When Alajemba was a kid, his mom told him he didn’t “earn anything good” for her, so he made a pact to prove her wrong.

Women “run away” from him, he claimed.

The comedian-turned-actor revealed that he had trouble finding a life partner till the age of 20, and that he wed his first love when he was 23 years old.

If a woman sees the actor’s face and height, she will “run away,” the actor had said.

I was already in my twenties or thirties when no one would accept me, unfortunately. At the age of 23, I made my marriage vows. After the first taste established its efficacy, she refused to leave my side.

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