Niger women want to be included in the Green Economy Agric Initiative at a rate of forty percent

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At a session on gender policy, attendees urged Niger State Governor Mohammed Bago to include 40% of women in his Green Economy Agricultural plan.

This is to guarantee equity and allow them to fulfill their share of the responsibility for increasing food security and sufficiency in the state.

The state Ministry for Women Affairs and Social Development hosted a sensitization workshop in Minna for gender focal officials of MDAs and private sector groups on the New Niger State Gender/Strategy Implementation Plan.

Despite their numerical superiority over men, particularly in the field of agriculture, the women bemoaned being pushed to the periphery in every sphere of the economy.

The event was planned for pertinent focal officials from the public and private sectors to raise awareness of the state’s gender policy plan at the various local government areas and safeguard women from prejudices of all kinds, according to a paper presentation given by GIZ Policy Adviser Abu Ahmadu.

He continued by saying that the state’s gender policy strategy had been domesticated by the government that came before it in 2022.

Due to prejudices based on culture and religion, he was horrified to see the differences in the proportion of men and women in different job categories inside the state government and even in the private sector.

Hajiya Titi Auta, the state commissioner for women’s affairs and social development, stated in her speech that the gender policy plan was implemented to not only address issues of gender disparity but also to draw partners to collaborate with the state on gender-related initiatives.

She added that in order to empower and enable women to effectively contribute to society, the current administration in Niger State is gender friendly and prepared to include women, children, and vulnerable groups in its activities.


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