Nigerians are suing LP because “We No Dey Give Shishi But We Dey Share Soap And Oil”

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Images of Peter Obi and Datti Ahmed’s faces on packages of rice and groundnut oil are widely shared on social media. The internet is not amused by these photographs, according to claims that Obidient supporters are being hypocritical and applying double standards.

Why do they remain mute when the same things they accuse the PDP and APC of doing are also possible with them, they ask, when Obidient people are constantly producing pictures of Tinubu’s images on bags of rice and other products criticizing the APC leader as one who is out to bribe the electorate?

Putting your politicians’ faces on merchandise during election season is a necessary evil; it is nothing more than an advertisement. The same thing occurs at weddings, but because some people are unable to effectively advocate for causes, they turn to petty behavior to discredit rival candidates.

For Pete’s sake, this is one of the most efficient ways to promote a candidate; it has been repeatedly shown to be incredibly successful, and most of the time, these activities are carried out by ardent supporters rather than the candidates themselves.

Can we all move on now that the Obidient Movement is aware that these issues are not exclusive to particular individuals or political parties? When a crowd attends a rally for Tinubu, they will chant “e don pay them,” but when a crowd attends a rally for Obi, they will chant “the people are wiser, they are tuning up.”

Una was forced to consume drugs by Abeg.

I keep repeating that propaganda and lies should be utilized with caution when the election campaign gets under way since there is no one who has a monopoly on skewed facts. The Obidient should be informed that WHO CHOP BELLEFUL GO STILL HUNGRY if they do not wish to campaign with facts.

Be like a standing fan in life. You and your neighbor are both reduced in size by “E.” The snake that bit Tunde then grabbed Emeka by the tail.

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