Oyedepo makes 2024 prophecy announcements

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Living Faith Church (also known as Winners’ Chapel) was founded and is led by Bishop David Oyedepo, who has issued prophetic declarations for the year 2024.

They were distributed by the revered pastor at the church’s crossover service in Canaanland, Ogun State.

Fearful favor will come upon us in the new year, according to Oyedepo.

He mostly addressed his church members in his forecasts and avoided discussing potential global or Nigerian events.

According to him, it will be the “Isaac-order of year” and every Winner will be thrust into the spotlight by God.

He promised that this would be the last time bad things would happen to you.

“Isaac, this is going to be your year of incredible turnaround!

A spiritual breakthrough will occur this year, and it will pave the way for further breakthroughs in your life.

“This year will be yours for unfettered growth!

Throughout the year 2024, you will be showered with favor and blessed beyond measure.

“Oil is for any victor who cares about walking humbly with God.

“This year, you will experience a remarkable flight!”

Level leaping will be a constant theme for you in 2024!

Every winner is being catapulted into the spotlight by God!

Following Mary’s example, this will be your year of favor.

If you ask for what you cannot have, favor will find you and grant your request.

“There will be no obstacles in your path throughout 2024!”

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