The military prevents a crude oil robbery worth N1.2 billion

As Nigeria’s oil production capacity expanded in September, the Defense Headquarters announced on Thursday that troops had captured stolen crude worth N1.2 billion over the previous two weeks.

During a press conference on the military’s recent activities, Defence Media Operations Director Major General Edward Buba made this statement on Thursday in Abuja.

The Defense Department’s official spokesperson made a commitment to prevent terrorists from carrying out isolated assaults on vulnerable infrastructure.

A total of 73 terrorists were murdered, 182 were apprehended, and 68 hostages were freed, he added, all within the span of a week.

The continuous counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency efforts have prevented these bad groups from achieving their strategic aims, he said.

The military will keep reducing their capacity to conduct localized attacks with the goal of spreading fear.

According to the director, the military destroyed 63 illicit refining facilities and arrested 14 suspected oil thieves. These sites had 15 dugout pits, 45 boats, 87 storage tanks, 128 cooking ovens, 1 pumping machine, and 4 outboard engines.

Buba further noted that the soldiers had retrieved 962,580 liters of stolen crude oil, 35,420 liters of unlawfully refined AGO, 38,450 liters of DPK, and 45,000 liters of PMS, all of which had a combined market worth of N1, 212,046,140.

According to TWISCOLOADED, oil theft was a serious problem that severely impacted the country’s ability to produce oil.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s production capacity grew in September to 1.7 million barrels per day (from 1.1mbpd in August) because to stronger efforts to combat oil theft.

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