Akpabio’s hurried bill-passing has been criticized by Senator Ndume and others

The Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, has come under fire from Senator Ali Ndume and others for allegedly rushing through legislation without giving senators adequate time to review it.

Senator Ali Ndume (APC) of Borno South District was filmed on Thursday complaining about the Senate President’s habit of rushing through legislation without adequate time for reading and debate.

You’re passing laws in the blink of an eye, with no input from anyone, and that includes money bills. This is bad for Nigeria, he remarked.

Nasarawa State PDP Senator Ogoshi Onawo also spoke out against the rush to enact controversial legislation.

His exact words were, “Sir, you are on the seat today, history is going to judge you that things like this are not good for this country.”

If the bills we are passing are good for the country, then history will judge me right,” Akpabio responded. I seriously doubt that any of us would travel all the way here to vote in favor of a bill that would be detrimental to Nigerians.

Your point of order has been recorded.

This comes three weeks after the Senate dismissed rumors of an impeachment proceeding against Akpabio.

According toTWISCOLOADED, Senator Ali Ndume spearheaded the effort to elect Akpabio president of the senate in June 2023.

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