Buhari was a failure, and Oshiomhole has acknowledged that he is no longer their hero – Aisha Yesufu

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Social commentator Aisha Yesufu reported that Senator Adams Oshiomhole of Edo North has acknowledged that former President Muhammadu Buhari was a failure.

According to Yesufu, Oshiomhole has authorized Nigerians to express disapproval of Buhari.

She was responding to statements made by Oshiomhole that Buhari’s poor economic policies are to blame for Nigerians’ misery.

He asserted that President Bola Tinubu cannot be held accountable for the hardships that Nigerians face.

“Adams Oshiomhole has now agreed Buhari was a failure and has given citizens “license” to criticize him,” Yesufu wrote in a post on X.

“They saw Buhari as their idol only yesterday. They were in Daura all the time and guarded him. They accuse him today.

“The man from Lagos is their new hero.” Simply wait for the illegitimately acquired power to end before their lips open.

“All it needed for loyalties to switch to the unlawful occupant was for Buhari to vacate the office.

“Thanks to Adams Oshiomhole, you can now all criticize Buhari.”

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