Carragher addresses Ten Hag’s criticism regarding Man United

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The legendary Jamie Carragher of Liverpool has reacted to Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United, who criticized his tactical analysis of the Red Devils.

After Man United’s loss to Fulham in the Premier League last week, Carragher had blasted the team.

Throughout the analysis, the former defender made various tactical observations.

However, Ten Hag addressed Carragher before to Man United’s victory against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup fifth round a few days prior.

Ten Hag stated: “To start, while some experts provide very solid, objective commentary and advise, others are quite subjective. Jamie Carragher has been critical from the beginning and now he wants to clarify.

Certainly, he made a point—probably in the first thirty minutes. We were somewhat taken aback by Fulham’s midfield configuration, and we now need to figure out how to respond. In thirty minutes, we figured out the answers.

In response to Ten Hag, Carragher wrote in his column for The Telegraph, “Last week, I wanted to show why United is so inconsistent with my analysis on Sky’s Monday Night Football.”

“Manager Erik ten Hag made a go-back about criticism he thought was unjust. He thought I had been judgmental from the start.

It was really from his United team’s defeat at Brentford in game two; however, the criticism was aimed at the players rather than the manager. However, good on him for stating what he said. Managers that stand up for themselves and their teams have my utmost respect and admiration.

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