Governor Mbah ratifies the ENSIEC and New Enugu City laws

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The New Enugu City Development Agency Bill, the Enugu State Geographical Information System Service Bill, and the Enugu State Independent Electoral Commission, ENSIC, (Amendment) Bill were all signed into law by Enugu State Governor Dr. Peter Mbah on Friday.

Mbah stated that the Enugu State Geographical Information System Service Law was for the automation and digitalization of processes for service delivery, starting with lands, while the New Enugu City Development Agency Law had administrative authority to manage the development of a new city master plan that would cater for the present and future generations. The signing took place at the Government House, Enugu, and was witnessed by the speaker of the Enugu State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Uchenna Ugwu.

He clarified that the ENSIEC Amendment Law will align the state’s electoral body with the 1999 Constitution’s revisions pertaining to electoral bodies.

Regarding the New Enugu City Development Agency, he stated: “We are aware of our forward-thinking perspective and methodology for governing. In a sense, we are planning for tomorrow already.

As everyone is aware, Enugu is on the verge of implosion. There hasn’t been any attempt to grow Enugu in order to accommodate more people since it was founded. What we have seen today is a legislative structure that permits us to carry on with the city’s expansion, as will even future administrations.

“We intend to create a master plan for the New Enugu City following the passage and signing of this measure into law. Even while we might not be able to carry out or complete this master plan, at least it will have something positive for our kids, so future generations won’t be left wondering if their parents didn’t consider them.

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Thus, we have considered our future generations in our actions today. We currently live in a region known as the New Enugu City. We have established an administrative body to oversee this New City by enacting this measure into law.

Giving further details on the Enugu State Geographic Information System Service, he stated that it was consistent with the administration’s pledge made during the campaign to automate the governance process, beginning with the cleaning and simplification of the state’s land administration and services.

“Recall that we pledged during our campaigns to make sure you started and finished processing your Certificates of Occupancy within a week.

In light of this, we have established an organization to oversee the management of numerous information systems, including our land information system, survey and property information system, and many more.

“You may now access all of these services on a digital platform, which further strengthens our institutions with the signing of this bill. Additionally, you can use the given gateway to begin and finish your payment.

“Recall that we previously stated that we intend to increase domestic revenue and improve the caliber of services we offer to the civil service. Thus, the governor said, “What we have done here today is establish the legal foundation that permits us to move forward with implementing that portion of our manifesto.

Mbah praised the House of Assembly for recognizing and advancing the goals of his administration.

“Without the State House of Assembly’s approval, we cannot advance or continue on this trip. Thus, we would like to express our gratitude for the swift approval of these executive bills,” he said.

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