Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah is congratulated by Chief Onuokaibe on winning the Sun Governor of the Year Award

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Respected Sir,

I am delighted and proud to offer you my sincere congratulations on receiving the esteemed Sun Governor of the Year award from the esteemed Sun newspaper on behalf of Ndị Mburubu, the good people of Nkanu Land, and the whole people of Enugu State. This well-earned honor is a monument to your unwavering devotion, excellent leadership, and extraordinary commitment to the advancement and prosperity of our dear state.

Less than two weeks after being recognized by the Telegraph, your latest award emphasizes how well respected your exceptional achievements to public service and government are. It is unequivocal proof that your ceaseless efforts and revolutionary projects are not only having a big influence but are also being appropriately acknowledged and valued.

Your Excellency, via promoting growth, inclusivity, and sustainable progress, your innovative leadership has favorably impacted every area of our state’s development. It is especially admirable how committed you are to improving the quality of education in Enugu State. Your unwavering commitment to excellence in this field confirms our shared conviction that education has the ability to change people’s lives and ensure that future generations will have better prospects.

Permit me to once again express my steadfast support for your government and its admirable initiatives. I sincerely promise to support you at every turn as we collaborate to fulfill our common goal of creating a successful and thriving state for all Enugu State residents.

In addition, I respectfully request that Your Excellency take into account incorporating the Mburubu smart school project into the upcoming school construction batch. This project would not only improve our kids’ access to high-quality education but also act as a ray of hope and advancement for our neighborhood.

Your Excellency Sir, you can be confident that all Mburubians will always be committed to and supportive of your administration’s objectives. We are prepared to actively engage in and support the accomplishment of your goals for a more prosperous and better Enugu State.

Once more, congratulations on your merited honor, Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah. I hope that this acknowledgement will provide you even more inspiration to keep up your outstanding work for our state and its citizens.


CEO and MD of First Choice Afro Villa Ltd. and Mburubu Construction Company Ltd. is High Chief Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe.

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