I chose acting after failing the law, says actress Genoveva Umeh

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Genoveva Umeh, a Nigerian-British actress, has admitted that, despite the fact that acting has always been her love, she never actually studied it.

She claimed to have studied law in college, but after failing law her first year, she realized her true interest was acting.

On the most recent episode of the podcast Is This Seat Taken, which is hosted by Nollywood actress Chinasa Anukam, the actor made this revelation.

She declared, “I’d say that choosing to study law was my decision. However, I would also add that I became aware of the fact that I am a first-generation immigrant and that my parents worked very hard to get me to the UK.

I decided against enrolling in a course that I had previously taken purely for fun. I considered acting to be a hobby.

I really went from considering acting as a hobby when I was in college to thinking, “Yeah, when I graduate, I’m going to come back and pursue this.”

“However, that didn’t occur until I dropped out of my first year. I had a bad first year of law school. That’s when I realized I should start thinking about what I genuinely want to do rather than what I feel I should do.

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