Insecurity: The Taraba community calls on the government to intervene

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The Karimjo Community Development Association has made a request for increased security in the area from the Taraba State Government and the Karim-Lamido Local Government Council leadership.

The community voiced alarm over the recent death of one Gambo Mani, who they said was shot and killed while returning home in the Angwa Rimi region of Karim Lamido Council, in a statement made accessible to journalists on Tuesday.

The community called for quick action to protect lives and property, denouncing the crime as cruel and brutal.

In the statement, National President Kennedy James listed a number of recent violent occurrences that had occurred in the region, such as the murder of a Binneri community member, an attack on the Didango community by unidentified gunmen, and periodic shootings in Yolde Matawo.

The community emphasized the link between peace and development and the necessity of a safe environment for the success of development and agricultural initiatives.

The locals demanded that security services step up their efforts to protect law-abiding citizens.

Residents were advised in the statement to maintain their vigilance and to work with security personnel to spot and report suspicious activity.

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