Members of the House of Representatives allegedly received SUVs worth N200 million

Media rumors that each representative will receive a N200 million sports utility vehicle (SUV) have been called “exaggerated” by the House of Representatives.

House Spokesperson Akin Rotimi issued a statement on Sunday clarifying that the automobiles being provided to members are not for their personal use.

The statement claims that members are permanently assigned vehicles that must be surrendered at the end of their service.

According to Rotimi, lawmakers aren’t the only ones who spend money on working automobiles; executive appointees do, too.

We can confirm that the National Assembly administration is in the gradual process of buying and distributing working vehicles to honorable members over the following weeks and months, however different accounts of this tale contain different exaggerations.

He clarified that members are expected to return the vehicles at the end of their term but have the option to keep them at their own expense.

The National Assembly will retain ownership of the vehicles until the 10th assembly’s term (2023-2027).

If the government’s current assets deboarding policy is still in effect when the 10th Assembly’s term ends in 2027, “honorable members may have the option of making payment for the outstanding value of the vehicles to government coffers before they can become theirs,” he said.

The total price of the automobiles was not included in the release.

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