NCC wants to regulate mining and data usage

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In order to maximize the value of data and reduce costs and dangers associated with data use, the Nigeria Communications Commission, or NCC, has called for the exercise of authority as well as control over data mining and utilization.

According to NAN, Prof. Umar Danbatta, the Executive Vice-Chairman (EVC) of the NCC, made the appeal during his keynote speech at the Nigeria Digital Sense Forum, which was held by ITRealm in Lagos on Thursday.

“5G: Data Governance, Safety and Security in Nigeria” was the forum’s theme.

Dr. Chukwudi Diugu, Head of New Media and Information Security, NCC, spoke on behalf of Danbatta.

The EVC stated that as data is essential to the digital economy, creating strong legislative frameworks for data governance must be given top priority.

He said, “As we embrace the game-changing promise of 5G, we must also give safety issues first priority.

“We can fully utilize 5G technology and encourage innovation in Nigeria by fostering trust and managing data ethically.

We are aware of Nigeria’s high level of technological advancement, and the introduction of 5G technology has created both enormous opportunities and difficulties, particularly in terms of data governance, safety, and security.

According to him, 5G technology has improved capabilities that will deliver superior communications services for Nigeria’s socioeconomic development and make it easier to establish a national digital economy.

He asserts that “we must take into consideration the challenges that come with it, particularly in protecting user data privacy and safety.”

According to Danbatta, the NCC Act requires its licensees to forbid the use of its network facilities or services in order to ensure the security and protection of networks and consumers.

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According to the EVC, the legislation forbade the use of licensees’ networks in or in connection with the commission of any offense under any law in force in Nigeria.

According to him, licensees must help the Commission and other law enforcement organizations in Nigeria avoid crime.

While deploying 5G technology, Danbatta stated that the NCC was committed to fostering a culture of safety and security.

He claims that “it is accomplished through moral data governance practices, strong security controls, and legal frameworks.”

He claimed that everyone’s dedication to data governance, security, and safety was essential for the effective rollout of 5G technology.

The EVC stated that in order to create a secure and sustainable environment for this technology to flourish, everyone, including the government, regulators, operators, service providers, and individual users, must work cooperatively.

As the event’s chairman, Prof. Adesina Shodiya, President of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), advised everyone to utilize technology and the internet safely.

Regardless of the occupation, Shodiya advised thinking about how to use it to advance one’s career.

He emphasized, however, that no system was immune to attacks and that it was crucial to exercise caution when utilizing technology and the internet.

Francis Uzor, chief executive officer of Wisdom Computers, emphasized the duties of citizens in his talk on 5G Open Access and Role of Citizens.

Uzor highlighted a number of citizen roles, including advocacy, active digital citizenship, monitoring and accountability, and digital inclusiveness.

In his welcome speech, Mr. Remmy Nweke, Lead Consulting Strategist, Digital Sense Africa, stated that the forum, now in its 14th edition, had continued to serve as an annual meeting place for internet stakeholders.

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Nweke claims that the country’s stakeholders gathered to talk about and give answers to issues with internet governance, security, and the socioeconomic effects of internet usage.

He claimed that community-based organizations, women, young people, and students were the main focus.

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