Nnamdi Kanu, the brother of the IPOB leader, is being held captive by Uzodinma and his associates in the southeast

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The Biafra agitator Nnamdi Kanu’s family has identified the individuals blocking his release, according to IPOB leader Kanu’s family.

According to Kanunta, the younger brother of the IPOB leader, Kanu is being “blocked” from being released from prison by Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State and a few of his associates in the Southeast.

Kanunta wanted to know why President Bola Tinubu let Uzodinma prevent Kanu’s release, so he posted on X to express his curiosity.

Kanunta claims that one of Govhopeuzodinma’s associates in SE is preventing the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from the DSS dungeon, and that he has asked @officialABAT about it. Does your administration, through its security chiefs, profit from the instability in Southeast Nigeria, or is Governor Uzodinma the president of Nigeria?

Following directives from the Nigerian government, Kanu was apprehended by the DSS.

His arrest in Kenya and subsequent extraordinary rendition to Nigeria occurred in 2021, and he has been in prison ever since.

When the IPOB leader returned to Nigeria, he found that the appellate court had cleared him of all accusations brought against him by the Nigerian government.

Nonetheless, the decision was reversed by the Supreme Court, which then directed the Federal High Court to retry the case.

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