PDP faction rebels against party chairman in wake of dismal 2023 election performance and defectors

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Allwell Asiforo must resign or be removed from office immediately, according to the Abia PDP Redemption Movement for 2027, a faction inside the Abia State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The group, identifying itself as “a network of all PDP volunteer organizations in Abia,” expressed concern over the PDP’s underwhelming showing in the 2023 polls and vowed to turn things around for the 2027 Abia elections.

All of these individuals—Hon. Emmanuel Kelechi, Secretary Ignatius Ahanekwu, Kalu Ike Ukah, Representative for Abia North, Daniel Nwokocha, and Nma Okezie, Representatives for Abia Central and South, respectively—signed a statement that contained this information.

Concerned about the massive defections the PDP was experiencing in Abia during his tenure as party chairman, the group placed the burden for the party’s dismal performance in the 2023 general elections squarely on his shoulders.

The group’s grievances with the previous Speaker of the Abia House of Assembly include, among other things, the party’s failure to ensure the inauguration of Hon. Aaron Uzodike, one of its candidates whose victory in the House election was upheld by the court, and the dissolution of the party’s State Secretariat.

According to the statement that was made public and shared with journalists, the PDP’s loss of power in Abia State, which they have held since 1999, is no longer news. The 2023 elections, overseen by Hon. Allwell Asiforo, are widely acknowledged as the most disastrous elections since the PDP’s establishment, beginning with the primaries and continuing through the general election.

Hon. Arron Uzodike’s lack of sworn-in status as a member of the Abia State House of Assembly and the party’s inaction beyond meaningless press conferences are old news.

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The lack of a secretariat for the Abia PDP is old news at this point. The fact that the Abia PDP has the highest number of defections in Nigerian party politics history is old news at this point.

In accordance with the party’s constitution, the group demanded that the national leadership of the PDP remove Asiforo immediately because the party was in chaos in the state due to his alleged highhandedness.

When asked for comment, Asiforo merely called the group “faceless” and directed DAILY POST to speak with Elder Abraham Amah, the party’s Vice Chairman and Publicity Secretary.

After receiving the party’s candidates in his ward and polling unit, Amah responded by describing the group as amorphous and arguing that it was unjust to hold the chairman responsible for the party’s misfortunes.

To prove that they have also delivered PDP in their own wards and polling units, he challenged the group and other party stakeholders.

Amah brought to everyone’s attention the fact that the PDP’s lone lawmaker is Asiforo, who is from the Ukwa East/Ukwa West constituency.

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