Primate Ayodele implores Tinubu to put an end to suffering before Nigerians begin to stone him

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President Bola Tinubu should not wait for Nigerians to stone him before he solves the country’s economic woes, according to INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church leader Primate Elijah Ayodele.

He cautioned Tinubu that the country’s economic crisis is rapidly deteriorating and should be Tinubu’s first focus.

According to a statement released by his spokesperson, Oluwatosin Osho, the reverend has warned of widespread demonstrations in the event that the president fails to address the issues.

People are going hungry, he continued, and wage earners are struggling to make ends meet.

He begged the president to stop procrastinating and get to work before he faces public outcry and stoning.

There will be huge demonstrations if Tinubu doesn’t start working on our economic problems right away. Already, citizens are incensed, wage earners are dissatisfied, and governors will soon be unable to pay wages.

You need to take action immediately; the country is suffering from severe hunger; you should not wait till they stone you and every politician before working. Several African countries will feel the effects as well. He urged the president to take appropriate action.

You may remember that Primate Ayodele gave President Tinubu five areas to concentrate on when he released his 2024 prophecies.

According to him, in order for Nigeria to achieve greatness in 2024, the government must focus on the following five areas: establishing a stable light, bolstering security by purchasing more guns, developing infrastructure facilities, ensuring agricultural production (ample food), and creating jobs

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