Shehu Sani pleaded with the justices of the Supreme Court to “pray to God to reveal Tinubu’s genuine certificate

In light of the inconsistencies in President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s certificate, former legislator Shehu Sani has urged the Supreme Court to fast and pray to seek God’s will.

On Monday, the Supreme Court of Nigeria stated that Tinubu’s certificate included letters from Chicago State University (CSU) that are in dispute with one another.

On Monday, Justice John Okoro, who heads the seven-member panel reviewing Atiku Abubakar’s challenge to President Bola Tinubu’s election, made such remarks.

At Monday’s hearing, Justice Okoro stated that, in criminal cases, proof must be beyond reasonable doubt.

But in this situation, we have two letters from the CSU, one vouching for the president’s certificate and the other casting doubt on it. Which one should we rely on?” Inquired he.

Sani, a former senator for Kaduna Central who commented on the situation, saying that it requires prayer and meditation.

If the Supreme Court ever receives competing communications from Chicago, they should fast for three days; on the third day, God will reveal the real letter through a dream. On X, he proclaimed, “We are a religious people.

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