The Ebonyi government intends to destroy Abakaliki’s slums and unlawful buildings

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The government of Ebonyi State has announced that it will start demolishing unauthorized buildings in Abakaliki, the state capital.

During a briefing for reporters in Abakaliki, Mr. Sunday Inyima, the Commissioner for Capital City Development, stated that all residential buildings and shops that were constructed without following established physical planning requirements will be included in the impacted category.

When setting the date for the exercise to begin on February 15, Inyima stated that the state government was dedicated to fostering excellent governance for the populace.

“Let me notify the public that on February 15, the State Ministry of Capital City Development will begin demolishing unlawful constructions located in Abakaliki.

“The exercise will begin in the Hausa Quarters Area and Water Works Road unlawful structures that have already been highlighted.

“Demolition notifications have been sent to the property owners and developers, and we urge them to take down those structures.

“The Hausa community has been notified. They have agreed to comply and have promised to assist the government in getting rid of them on their own.

“It will also have an impact on all of the informal business centers and slums located in those areas,” he said.

The commissioner explained that the exercise was carried out with the intention of facilitating appropriate roadway planning and capital city beautification.

According to Inyima, “the government wants Abakaliki to look as beautiful and clean as every other major city in the nation.”

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