The Otukpo bank robbery has prompted an urgent demand for answers and action from the Idoma community in the United States

The Idoma Association in the United States has spoken out against the recent robbery of many banks in Otukpo, Benue State.

Police officers were among those who lost their life in the sad incident that took place on Friday, October 20, 2023.

The group issued a statement condemning the tragedy and urging law enforcement to do everything in their power to apprehend those guilty for the senseless atrocity.

Its President-General, Prince Edwin Ochai, issued a statement condemning such behavior, saying it not only tarnishes the reputation of the community but also discourages potential investors looking for safety and stability.

The statement called on the Benue State Government to back local vigilante groups and other security agencies with funding and resources right once.

This is what the announcement says:

Otukpo, Benue State was the site of a heinous robbery on Friday, October 20, 2023, and the Idoma Association of the United States of America strongly condemns this atrocity. The loss of life, especially that of committed law enforcement officers, is heartbreaking and shocking.

It’s impossible to grasp the attackers’ brazenness and savagery, especially given that they were able to go unchecked for a whole hour because to the ineffectiveness of our security forces. There should be a quick and thorough examination into this matter because it casts severe doubt on the efficacy of our security measures.

We beg our law enforcement to do all in their power to find those responsible for this senseless violence and bring them to justice. Our communities’ security and well-being depend on our shared determination to guarantee that criminal behavior of this nature is met with appropriate retribution.

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Recognizing the lasting effects such events have on the public’s perception of the Idoma homeland is crucial. Our reputation takes a hit, and investors who value safety and predictability are put off. We want the perpetrators to know that they cannot hide from justice forever.

We believe that the state government must take decisive action to empower and support the

security forces, both local and elsewhere. We value our traditional leaders’ commitment to maintaining order in their communities and encourage them to sustain and build on their progress. This is a major move toward ensuring the well-being of our people. We must all do what we can to stop these kinds of tragedies from happening again.

We remain united in our condemnation of this terrible act, and our hearts go out to the loved ones of the victims. We shall never forget their service to our country and our profound sorrow at their loss.

The Idoma Association, USA is a strong community that can weather any storm. For the sake of our dear Idoma land, we demand justice, safety, and prosperity. By working together, we can end acts of violence and create a more peaceful and prosperous future for our neighborhood.

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