The Premier League releases its schedule for Christmas and New Year’s games (See Full Fixtures)

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Games are scheduled for 10 of the 11 days between 26 December and 5 January according to the Premier League’s holiday schedule, which was just released.

The three rounds of matches have been changed to accommodate television and to give teams more time between contests.

On December 26, there will be seven games as the Premier League resumes play for the first time since November 13 due to the World Cup in Qatar.

No team will play twice in 48 hours as it has in the past.

a Monday, December 26
Tottenham vs. Brentford (12:30 GMT)

Fulham vs. Crystal Palace (15:00)

Wolverhampton Wanderers at Everton (15:00)

Newcastle United vs. Leicester City (15:00)

Brighton & Hove Albion against Southampton (15:00)

Liverpool vs. Aston Villa (17:30)

West Ham United vs. Arsenal (20:00)

a Tuesday, December 27
Bournemouth against Chelsea (17:30)

Nottingham Forest vs. Manchester United (20:00)

Tuesday, December 27
vs Manchester City: Leeds United (20:00)

Wednesday, December 27
There are a complete round of English Football League games but no Premier League games.

a Friday, December 30
Brentford vs. West Ham United (19:45)

against Leicester City, Liverpool (20:00)

Sunday, December 31
Manchester United will play Wolverhampton Wanderers (12:30)

Bolton at Crystal Palace (15:00)

Southampton vs. Fulham (15:00)

Everton vs. Manchester City (15:00)

Leeds United vs. Newcastle United (15:00)

Arsenal vs. Brighton & Hove Albion (17:30)

January 1st, Sunday
Aston Villa at Tottenham Hotspur (14:00)

Leicester Forest against Chelsea (16:30)

January 2nd, Monday
Tottenham vs. Liverpool (17:30)

Tuesday, January 3, 2019
Brighton & Hove Albion vs. Everton (19:45)

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Fulham (19:45)

Newcastle United vs. Arsenal (20:00)

Bournemouth vs. Manchester United (20:00)

Tuesday, January 3
Nottingham Forest vs. Southampton (19:30)

West Ham United at Leeds United (19:45)

vs Wolverhampton Wanderers, Aston Villa (20:00)

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Crystal Palace (20:00)

Wednesday, January 3
Chelsea against Man City (20:00)

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