Tinubu is diligently addressing issues brought about by decades of mismanagement with Atiku’s assistance

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According to Daniel Bwala, a former assistant to former PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar, President Bola Tinubu is trying to address the issues facing the nation.

Bwala claimed that decades of poor governance were to blame for Nigeria’s current issues.

He made the observation in a post on X that the food crisis that Nigerians are facing is a worldwide occurrence.

“Food inflation is global ohh,” he said. The price of this tiny bottle of palm oil is £20 (equivalent to 38k naira). A 40,000 hair cut for London. The good news is that by year’s end, it is anticipated that food inflation would have decreased globally. So lift your spirits, my people.

“For those Nigerians in the US and the UK who are disparaging @officialABAT on social media, they are concealing the fact that in the UK, they are eager to pursue Rishi Sunak, and in the US, you are already aware of Joe Biden’s problems.

“Let no one deceive you; neither a flawless democracy nor a perfect president exist. Put the commotion aside; your presidential nominee could have performed worse.

“President Tinubu is making a lot of effort to address the issues that have arisen over the course of decades of mismanagement.”

“Let’s offer solutions instead of insults and have faith in our nation and our leaders.”

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