Uncertainty: Zamfara government outlaws bread and gasoline sales in Jerry cans for motorbikes

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For security considerations, the Zamfara State Government has declared that it will no longer sell bread loaves and gasoline in jerry cans to drivers and motorcyclists.

Commissioner of Information and Culture Mannir Muazu Haidara briefed reporters following the state security council meeting, which was recently held at Government House, Gusau. He stated that the resolution of the council was made due to the unscrupulous actions of certain filling stations, which have a habit of selling bread and gasoline in jerry cans to suspected bandits in certain rural communities within the state.

“Some filling stations, bakeries, and bread sellers in some rural areas of the state are using vehicles and motorcycles to sell petroleum products and breads to some allegedly suspected armed bandits, and we advised them to desist from the acts,” the council said, expressing dismay at their actions.

He also restated the council’s ban on the use of tinted glass, number plate coverings, and sirens by certain individuals on unapproved cars, ordering security services to apprehend and prosecute violators.

Drivers who have not yet registered their license plates with the appropriate government offices are urged to do so right away by Haidara, as law enforcement officials are required to apprehend and prosecute noncompliant drivers.

The commissioner also revealed that security services had found some livestock that had been rustled from robbers. As a result, the citizens whose cattle had been rustled were urged to present with supporting documentation and retrieve their animals once the proper procedures had been followed.

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