What I wish Nigerian men were like – Beverly Naya

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The Nollywood actress Beverly Naya states that she would make men—especially Nigerian men—more emotionally open to vulnerability if she could change anything about them.

She expressed her desire for men to have the same emotional intelligence as women.

The actor said that emotional vulnerabiity is perceived by Nigerian men as a sign of weakness.

When asked what she would love to see more of in men, Naya replied, “I wish men were more in touch with their emotions like women are,” in a recent interview with actor Efa Iwara. And vulnerable—something that women really value.

“One thing I’ve seen is that a man is in love with a woman when he can be vulnerable with her and can’t describe how or when it happened. It’s finished [laughs] .

“I wish males would just be more open to showing vulnerability more often, without fear of being looked down upon or ashamed of it.

“I think that guys, particularly men from Nigeria, have been socialized to view vulnerability as a sign of weakness. Furthermore, I disagree with that.

Therefore, I really hope that changes. I wish more men would embrace their sensitive and vulnerable sides.

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