Why I am impressed with Kiddwaya, our thieving housekeeper

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Kiddwaya, a former Big Brother Naija reality star, has admitted that he is fascinated with a domestic worker who robbed his rich father Terry Waya of millions of Naira.

He said that the housekeeper, who also happened to be from his native Benue, stole millions of Naira from their Abuja home and used the money to erect his own residence there.

Kiddwaya expressed his admiration for the cleaner’s prudent use of the stolen money.

This was said by the reality star recently during a fan-interactive Instagram live session.

“I have this cleaner in my house in Abuja, Nigeria,” Kiddwaya remarked. I want to hire people from my own state, hence he is from Benue State. My dad was therefore traveling. Naturally, we always have cash on hand. My father noticed that some money was missing. Only later did we learn that it was a man from my own state who had been gradually stealing for approximately a year.

“The individual took enough cash to construct a home in his state. I’m a little impressed, first of all, that he actually invested the money on something that will help his family and himself. That’s why I’m not upset.

He did, however, express his disappointment that a fellow Tiv from Benue State was the one taking from them.

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