2023: If I’m elected, I’ll make sure that the rich and the poor have equal representation, says Peter Obi

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The Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has promised supporters that, if elected in 2023, he would guarantee equitable representation for the nation’s affluent and poor.

This information was provided by Obi in a press release from the Obi-Datti Media Office that was sent to The PUNCH, outlining the reason for his visit to Queen’s College, Lagos, where he spoke at the Old Girls’ Association event honoring the school’s 95th anniversary.

“My administration will make sure that people’ interests take precedence over political objectives, and the trust gap that currently exists between the government and the governed will be minimized,” stated Obi.

The LP presidential candidate also said that there would be guaranteed representation of women in his administration, recalling that when he served as governor of Anambra State, his administration achieved a close to 60-40 gender balance in elective and appointed positions, whereas the proportion in the federal government was between 30 and 35 percent.

He also said that he would pursue a Marshall plan-style program on education that includes required technical and vocational skills, sports, entrepreneurship, programming, and digital skills from the primary to the secondary level.

He also revealed that education is a key component of his policy agenda.

He said that in order to drastically lower unemployment and instability, “We will inevitably enhance access to financing, MSMEs, youngsters, and women.”

The former governor of Anambra State said, “We will introduce a mandatory ‘No Child Left Behind’ educational policy, mindful that Nigeria’s inadequate investment in the social sectors, including health, education, and housing, has resulted in the current depressing social and demographic trends reflected in low life expectancy, high maternal mortality rate, significant numbers of out-of-school children, significant unmet housing needs, as well as significant levels of youth unemployment.

“Our government must prioritize education to fulfill the following functions: industrial relevance, contemporary skills competency, critical thinking, ethical citizenship values, global competitiveness, and talent export.

“If elected, the Obi-Datti government would maintain national development. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals will serve as the foundation for our governance principles, key initiatives, and programs, he said.

Obi emphasized that he planned to stop the underrepresentation of important segments of society in decision-making, including as women, youth, and the most vulnerable in the nation. He added that experience demonstrates that inclusivity is a crucial component in good public policy making.

In addition, he promised the Queen’s College Old Girls that if elected president, he would “always be a priority” and “encourage investment from its inception in infrastructure, energy, transport, irrigation, and telecoms and in education with gender mainstreaming and social inclusion in education, enterprise, and politics.”

Obi also emphasized his dedication to the welfare of women and girls, saying that this will be clearly represented in both his general and gender-specific policies.

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