Any security guard who extorts Nigerians is a criminal, according to the police spokesman

ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, spokesman for the Nigeria Police, has made it clear that any officer or security guard who extorts innocent citizens of Nigeria by force is an armed robber.

Adejobi made this statement on his official X on Saturday in response to a user who had dragged the police for their violent arrest of him.

The user posted a screenshot of the debit notice for the money taken from him and stated, “So the policemen came to my estate yesterday evening around 7 PM and packed all the men in the estate.” Last night, for no cause at all, we were all incarcerated. They told us, “You Dey do Yahoo,” when we were brought in for “Questioning,” which was really just a dictation. I didn’t respond because I have no idea how Yahoo functions.

The following step was to draft a statement in which I claimed to be a member of a cult or an armed robber. No one would sign a statement without their lawyers present, so we spent the night locked up. Over half a million dollars was extorted from us this morning.

A user tagged the Force PRO, saying, “As PRO of Nigeria Police Force, do something to this dirty stuff your mates always do every day.” The law enforcement is a reliable ally.

While responding, Adejobi stated, “Any armed policeman or security operative who forcefully extorts an innocent Nigerian is as good as an armed robber.”

No government organization, whether armed or unarmed, has the authority to extort anyone. We strongly disagree with this, and the IGP has made his feelings known.

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