Discord in Ondo between the PDP and former county chairmen over unpaid salary

Ondo State’s 18 former LGA chairs have denied reports that they are still receiving paychecks from the state two months after their terms ended.

This comes after the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) voiced concern that former council chairmen were still getting their salary.

In response, local government chairmen threatened legal action against the PDP on Thursday for slander.

Kennedy Peretei, the PDP’s publicity secretary, said that the outgoing council chairmen were still being paid after their three-year term ended on August 30.

Augustine Oloruntogbe, the former chairman of ALGON in Ondo State, has said categorically that this accusation is completely incorrect.

Oloruntogbe said, “We dispute the claim vigorously, and it is a falsehood from the bowels of hell. We no longer receive any financial support from our municipal government because we no longer work there.

Since I was no longer serving in local government, I was required to send a proxy when I was appointed to serve on the panel that would chair the palliative care committee. Since we left, we have severed all monetary ties to our former administrations. On August 30, 2023, we up and departed.

We have not been receiving salaries,” Aroloye, the former head of Idanre Local Government, said. Therefore, we are giving Kennedy Peretei, the Publicity Secretary of the PDP in Ondo State, 24 hours to retract the claim and issue an apology, or else he will hear from our attorneys.

We are honest and trustworthy people. Before entering politics, several of us established ourselves in the community.

To play politics at the expense of our reputation is not something we will tolerate. This is not acceptable to us. We won’t stand for it if they have been doing it.

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