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The internet since its arrival has made learning easy by making provision for various online platforms where students can learn. At the moment, chegg.com happens to be one of these biggest platforms where students cum readers can go to read, learn, and keep themselves knowledgeable. However, this huge online resource cannot be accessed for free, especially its answers to academic questions. So before the end of this article, we would teach you how you can get free Chegg answers with ease.

All schools and colleges are moving closer to online study. It’s very tough for some students to find answers and complete their homework, especially in the quarantine period. 

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Being a student is harder than being a part-time employee because keeping up with the deadlines while maintaining the quality of the work is not easy as before.

But in this difficult time, an incredible online platform that is known as Chegg comes as expert assistance for all students, and it has been developed to meet every student’s needs.

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Chegg is an American educational online tutor website that’s based in California, this platform was designed to help students with their studies beyond the classroom with necessary tools, resources, and advanced technology. Chegg provides physical and digital textbooks that are available and suitable for rental services, online tutoring, homework help, scholarships, and internships.

You will be able to find solutions for all subjects quickly from physics problems to chemistry equations. You only need to copy and paste questions on the Chegg, and you will find the answer from teachers.

Chegg is the first online platform that students turn to when they need to get their homework done or an exam question solved.

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Chegg offers course books for rent at a low price. This is suitable for those who can’t afford to buy expensive books for each subject, Chegg also allows you to find where you can rent and get them for a fraction of the cost.

Chegg comes with internship programs and courses that will help all advance students’ careers and help them progress in life from a young age. Chegg has made learning simple and easy for students since it was founded.

It may be a problem for students who don’t have money because Chegg services are not available for free.

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Currently, Chegg charges $19.95 per month to allow students to ask experts questions 24/7, search millions of homework answers, and step-by-step textbook solutions for 9,000 books.

If you don’t have money to buy Chegg service, then make sure you read this article to the end because I was saying how you can get Chegg answers for completely free

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How to Get Chegg Answers for Free

1. Chegg Study – Try It for FREE

If you want an answer to any question on Chegg, then you need to sign up for a Chegg Study subscription, it costs you only $19.95, but you can Cancel Anytime For FREE if you don’t like it.

So you don’t need to worry about the money because you will be able to cancel your subscription for free, and you do not need to pay $19.95 – You will get the amount back.

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Here’s how you can subscribe to Chegg Study – Cancel Anytime for FREE:

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Open the Chegg Free Trial page from your Smartphone or your laptop click here.

You will be redirected to the Learn With Chegg page, now you need to tap on the orange-colored Get Started button.

You will be able to create a new account by entering your email and choosing a password.

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Now you need to select the plan according to your requirements. There are two plans available currently, you need to select $19.95 (Don’t worry you can cancel at any time for FREE).

Immediately, after you have completed the payment via Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal.

Now you can search for unlimited Chegg answers.

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If they cancel the subscription before the 30 days are complete, you will be able to cancel it for FREE and you do not need to pay $19.95.

2. Free Chegg Answers by iStaunch

You need to open the Free Chegg Answers by iStaunch form.

• Now you can find the Chegg question you want to get a free answer for.

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• Visit Istaunch — Click here

• Enter the question link and email address.

• Then, you need to tap on the submit button to send the question.

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• That’s it, you will receive an answer within 30 minutes.

How do Free Chegg Answers by iStaunch Works?

Istaunch has purchased a Chegg Study premium subscription that helps to provide answers to your questions. You don’t have to pay for premium plans to complete your homework. All you need to do is to submit your question, and their team will check it and provide you answers to your email address. Click here to check it out.

3. Chegg Free Trial Account

Chegg also provides a four-week free trial period to its users that allows them to get answers to the questions for free, and check out the benefits it provides, and Chegg also gives you time to decide if you want to buy the subscription or not.

During this free trial period, you will be able to take maximum advantage of solving your queries by finding the right answers to your questions for free. Later you may decide if you want to take the subscription if it is affordable to you.

You can refer to a tutor to get a solution to all your questions, but you won’t be able to get free books for free as they are available for rent or buy. Remember that to buy or rent these books, you need to pay the mentioned amount even in the free trial period.

Here’s how you can access Chegg Free Trial

• You need to open the Chegg Free Trial page from the browser.

• Then, sign up with your Email address and password.

• Now you need to select “I am Student” and enter your school or college name.

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• Click on your profile icon at the top and select My Account.

• Inside the payment info section, you need to click on add payment method.

• Now you need to enter your debit or credit card, you will get a 4 weeks free trial of a premium Chegg account.

4. Join Free Chegg Answers Groups on Reddit

You can get free Chegg Answer Groups on Reddit is one of the ways to get Chegg answers for free. All you need to do is publish your question in the group and wait for someone to respond with the answer. It may take 24 hours or more to get responses to questions. But you surely get the answer.

• Here’s how you can:

• Open Reddit on your smartphone or laptop.

• Now click on the Signup button at the top right corner of the screen.

• You need to enter your Reddit username and password if you have one if you don’t have me to create an account on Reddit.

• You can also make use of your Google and Apple accounts.

• After you have successfully logged into your Reddit account.

• Next, you need to type Chegg Answers in the search bar.

• Select the “Chegg Answers” group which has more than 20,000 members.

• Join the group and post the question you want help with.

• Someone from the group will provide you with the answer.

Best Chegg Alternatives

If you are not suitable with the service of Chegg, then you can make use of the available and incredible alternative for Chegg.

There are several online platforms that offer similar services as Chegg.

Most of the services are completely free which gives you more opportunity to do more compared to Chegg where the free trial is limited to some extent.

You can try any of these Chegg alternatives

Quiz Plus

Quiz Plus is one of the most popular alternatives for Chegg. It is designed for all students across the globe and comes with course-specific resources and study sets, tailored search results, and homework help. So, you will be able to make a good choice when you want to get unstuck and want to move on.

Quiz Plus is designed to assist all students by providing accurate and quick answers to their questions.

Quiz Plus services are currently available in several ways, you can subscribe to the service to get awakened on any subject of your choice. You can also make use of the free version of Quizplus.

Quizplus currently provides a total of five free answers in 30+ different topics to every user immediately after signing up. You will be able to search for the questions when you make use of the search bar, and once you find the quiz you want to unlock, the first 3 answers are free, and when you create an account on Quiz Plus you will get 2 more free answers. This will help you get free answers.

Quiz Plus allows students to make use of the upload-material feature, which helps users to upload any valuable academic content to the Quiz Plus platform and get free credits in return which will help you unlock quizzes for free and get answers to all of your desired questions.

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Quizplus provides an affiliation program with payments in cash instead of service credits which is good as students can make money out of it just by inviting their friends to study. And if you want to achieve your study goals, you can use the money to purchase quizzes and get their customized support and tools.

If you’d want Quizplus to help you with your schoolwork at a reduced price, you visit their platform.


Slader is also one of the best alternatives for Chegg. It is designed to answer all your questions regardless of your subject.

Slader for all students to get free Chegg answers, it is suitable for your mobile browser because it is mobile friendly. Slader allows all students to make use of the search bar and type the question for which they are seeking the answer.

You can copy your question from the textbook or it may be your own, you will be able to get an answer to it immediately if you paste it onto the search bar on Slader. 


StudyLib is one of the great alternatives for Chegg, it is suitable for online learning and it comes with incredible pictures that make learning easy and simple for all students regardless of your location.

Immediately you open the StudyLib webpage you will be able to see a search bar on the main homepage. You can type your desired question on the search bar, and you will get the best answers to the question you searched for.


On litanswers, you have something similar to StudyLib that allows you to get solutions easily to your answers. All you have to do is log on to the website, type in your questions and wait for a while to access your answers.


If for some reason you couldn’t make use of Chegg.com, here comes a similar education-inclined website you can leverage on. The good thing about Scribd is that it comes with 30-days unlimited access to all of the features contained in its website. 

These features include access to millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines e.t.c. Another good thing with Scribd is that no payment or credit card information is required to access its free 30-days trial.

Take advantage of Scribd if you are not financially stable enough to go for Chegg at the moment. Who knows, you may fall in love with what Scribd has to offer and subsequently subscribe to their platform.

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