The Best Health and Fitness Android Apps 2022

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The benefits of exercise and staying fit cannot be overemphasised. It is a prerequisite for staying healthy and sound. To that effect, we have taken our time to enumerate the best health and fitness Android applications that will help you with fitness tips and exercises that will keep your body fit. You can simply install these applications on your mobile devices and use them anytime there is a need for them.

In this article, we will talk about the top best health and fitness Android applications you can use to set and achieve your exercise and fitness goals. These applications are not gender-based, they are for everyone who has health and fitness as his or her top priority.

Apparently, the good news is that you do not have to spend a penny trying to use these applications. It’s all available on Playstore and can be used by anyone living anywhere in the world. Just go through the article and select the applications you believe will be useful to you in your quest to stay healthy and fit.

Top Best Health and Fitness Android Apps

1. Lose Weight App

This application is basically for men and provides tips on how you can burn belly fat. You can make use of these tips from the comfort of your home or any conducive environment suitable for exercise or workouts. This application is considered to be one of the best weight-loss applications for men available on the internet.

The exercise and fitness guide or tips provided in the application is quite similar to what you will get from visiting gyms and fitness centers. So with this application, you may not need to be regular to gyms as long as you follow strictly the tips provided in the app.

Features of Lose Weight App

• You are allowed to customize your own workout routines to fit your schedule.

• The application provides reminders to help you stay disciplined.

• It has three difficulty levels that you can adjust as you progress.

• You are allowed to synchronise workout and Calorie data on Google fit.

• The app has an inbuilt feature that enables you to track weight loss progress and burned calories.

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2. Female Fitness – Women Workout Application

For female fitness and workout exercise, you can count on this application for reliable tips. If as a lady, your target is to achieve an envy-worthy shape, then this app is here to help you reach your goals.

All you just need to do is download the app from playstore and enjoy reading and applying the tips you get in your exercise. Here is the list of body goals you can achieve with this application.

• Tone butt.

• Waistline.

• Slim legs.

• Burn belly fat.


3. Best Women Workout Female Fitness

Here is another useful health and fitness application for women. It helps with the following; 

• Weight loss and fitness drills for all your body parts.

• Leg workout.

• Has a variety of features for free account users.


4. Sportractive GPS Running Cycling Distance Tracker

This app is very useful for long workouts away from home. It possesses a GPS tracker that allows users to get accurate time and distance they have covered while working out.

This application provides tips good for hiking, jogging, walking e.t.c. For those who have issues using applications with too many ads, I have good news for you, there are no advertisements on this application. It’s only for workouts and sports.

More Features of the App

• Historic data of all recorded workouts.

• You can manually insert workout results.

• You can easily track your body measurements and check for improvements as you exercise.


5. Home Workouts Android App

In this exercise and body fitness application, you will find suitable daily workout routines to help you stay fit. All you need is to follow the tips provided and you will achieve 100% success even without a health and fitness coach.

The application has a friendly user interface and speaks volumes about the expertise and competence of the app developers. I can guarantee that with the home workout app, you have a mobile health and fitness coach on your smartphone.

Features of Home Workouts Without Equipment App

• It contains very detailed video tutorials which utilise animation illustrations and guides.

• The app has a feature that records your training program automatically.

• You can customise your workout reminders on Homework application.


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