Harry Maguire: “I’m still captain of Manchester United”

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Harry Maguire, the captain of Manchester United, defended his decision to play for England against Italy in Friday’s Nations League match.

At the San Siro Stadium, England’s starting lineup against Italy included Maguire.

The Three Lions were eliminated from the top division of the Nations League as a result of the loss.

Giacomo Raspadori’s goal against Gareth Southgate’s team in the 68th minute was also their third defeat in five games.

However, Maguire has come under fire recently for his Man United performance.

Erik ten Hag, a former Ajax coach, opted to play Raphael Varane and Lisandro Martinez ahead of the 29-year-old, therefore he has fallen out of favor at Man United.

In an interview with talkSPORT, Maguire defended his inclusion in the England team by stating that he is the captain of Man United and that preseason went well for him.

The late star of Leicester City said:

“I feel healthy, prepared to play, and fresh. I don’t really read what was written on my form, therefore I don’t know what was mentioned.

“I felt pretty strong coming off three successful games with England in the summer and a successful preseason.

The team has been winning since the manager [Ten Hag] made the obvious decision to bench me for a game.

“I’m putting a lot of effort into becoming ready on the practice field for when my chance presents itself. All I can do to support the squad is that.

“I’m not thinking about anyone else or what people are saying, but if they can make a narrative about me because I’m the captain of Manchester United, it will get a lot of attention.

“So, that is why they do it; they enjoy the clicks and stuff like that. However, I entered the Euros after an eight-week injury and didn’t participate in a single game, yet I was named to the squad of the competition.

“I’m certain that won’t happen in terms of rustiness and other things like that.”

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