If you sell drugs or weapons, SON wants you to go to jail

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has requested that its founding Act be revised so that those who sell potentially lethal substances are sentenced to prison terms rather than monetary fines.

NAN reports that SON Director General Malam Farouk Salim made the request on Thursday in Lagos, Nigeria, as the organization was destroying items it had confiscated.

According to Salim, those who sell low-quality goods are economic terrorists that put innocent consumers and businesses at risk.

We petitioned the last National Assembly to change the law so that those who sell drugs with the potential to cause death must serve jail time in addition to paying fines.

Unfortunately, the president was unable to sign the bill into law after it was passed by Congress.

So, it has been sent back to Congress, where it will hopefully arrive at the President’s desk soon.

I have no doubt that the President will sign that amendment, and anyone caught selling weapons will be sent to jail right away, he said.

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